Converting Guests into Members


Marketing your organization’s events to guests is always a good idea. You might, however, find that these guests continue to pay the guest price rather than ever joining the association. We have a few suggestions that could be just what your guest needs for that last push into membership.

Follow up with your guests.

Reach out to your guests via email and let them know how much you appreciate them visiting. In this email, you could include links to the website as well as a list of upcoming events. Once they are to your website, they will be able to see member benefits and more. The email will also make them feel valued and will make them more likely to sign up as a member.

Shine a light on guests through social media.

Take pictures at your event and make sure to get some photos of guests. Let them know that the pictures will be on the organization’s social media page. This might make them more inclined to visit the social media page and get more of a feel for the association. It also allows them to feel special and as if they are already a part of the organization.

Consider discounts.

If you are not opposed to docking the price of membership or events a little bit, discounts are always a strong motivator. In the email you send to guests, let them know that if they sign up for membership before the meeting, they will get a free ticket to the next event or a discounted membership price. Setting the deadline will pressure the guest to sign up. Also, who doesn’t love a nice discount?


Along with a follow up email, you could also send or call for a survey of the event. Ask the guests what they enjoyed? What do they want to see at future events? Were they welcomed? These answers could not only help your organization in recruiting future guests, but also force the guest to consider all the positive experiences they had at the meeting. You could then invite them to join the organization and cross your fingers.

Converting non-members to members is always the goal. These guests that sign up for events are already familiar with the organization and interested in the industry. A quick moment of reaching out could make all the difference.