Client Spotlight: Pharos Alliance

Pharos Alliance is an executive advisory firm that specializes in strategic planning, organizational and leadership development for entrepreneurial organizations. The team at Pharos Alliance feels that if a business has a need, they have a solution. Pharos Alliance has done everything from helping a business establish a new culture and set of values to taking on leadership changes.

Dr. Lisa M. Aldisert is the president of Pharos Alliance Inc. She has over 35 years of experience that have prepared her for her position with Pharos Alliance. This experience includes corporate conglomerates, privately held businesses, and owning her own business.

Pharos Alliance joined Impact in 2018 and has smoothly transitioned under our care. Tammy Foshay is the Executive Administrator for Pharos Alliance. She regularly handles email and database management. Tammy also communicates with Dr. Aldisert weekly to strategize and plan out administrative tasks. The two are in frequent communication to ensure they are on the same page and doing all that needs to be done for Pharos Alliance.

This partnership has grown tremendously since it was formed and we are excited to see what else we can provide for Pharos Alliance.


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