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ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT MONDAY: What Virtual Assistants Do For Associations!

ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT MONDAY:  What Virtual Assistants Do For Associations!

Every Monday, we share with you information about managing non-profit associations.  In this week's "Association Management Monday," impact Virtual Services  explains what a virtual assistant (VA) or Virtual Executive Administrator can do for your non-profit association!

The truth is ALOT!  Oh-Daddy-Oh, here's the short list...


"THINK FAST!"  It's what people would say in the 50s when someone was about to throw something your way.

Every Thursday, we throw your way a series of helpful information in our weekly social media posts and BLOG, "Think Fast Thursday."  Ready for this?

THINK FAST THURSDAY: Impact Virtual Services is HIRING!!!!

"THINK FAST!"  It's what people would say in the 50s when someone was about to throw something your way.

So.... THINK FAST! impact Virtual Services is HIRING!  We are looking for the very best of the best to bring on as Virtual Executive Administrators with expertise in non-profit management, association management, support for small and medium-sized businesses, support for entrepreneurs and social media mavens!  Oh-Daddy-Oh, if you think you've got what it takes... CLICK HERE!

WAY OUT WEDENESDAY: Leveraging a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

In the 50s, the popular phrase, "Way Out" meant "innovative."  impact Virtual Services loves that era, the phrase and its meaning.  That is why every Wednesday, we devote our social media communication to innovative ideas through the "Way Out Wednesday" BLOG Series.

This week, how to leverage a virtual assistant or Virtual Executive Administrator (VEA) to build your small business is our focus!

TECH Tuesday: Make Your Business Tech-Savvy

Any business you start requires... technology.  We are dedicated each Tuesday at impact Virtual Servicesin our blog series, "Tech Tuesday" to share with you what's happening with technology and how trends may impact YOU!  So, this week we will cyber chat with you on how to make YOUR business Tech-savvy!

Association Management Monday: Give Us An 'R' for REFERRAL!

Every Monday, we share with you information about managing non-profit associations.  This week, for "Association Management Monday," impact Virtual Services has a proposal for you... a cheer if you will.  Give us an 'R' and we'll give you one too!

IMPACT VS TECH TUESDAY: 5 Best Technologies for Your Business!

Tech Tuesday

  Some say, the key to getting rich is... starting your own business.  Founder and CEO of impact Virtual Services did just that in 2006, "It's a risk.  It's a leap of faith," Fisher said.  "But if you set yourself up with the right tools for success, the possibilities are endless!"  Our friends at agree.

Here is their top 5 Best Technologies list for your small business to increase profit and stay ahead of your competitors:

1. Augmented Reality Devices

2. Wireless Conference Rooms

3. The Internet of Things

4. Cloud Computing

5. Wearable Technology


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impact Virtual Services exclusively hires its Virtual Assistants/Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  Its global headquarters is located in Madison, Wisconsin.  CONTACT SALES TEAM to hire your new VEA!


Think Fast Thursday "THINK FAST!"  It's what they would say in the 50s when someone was about to throw something your way.  So.... THINK FAST!  impact Virtual Services is HIRING!  We are looking for the very best of the best to bring on as Virtual Executive Administrators with expertise in non-profit management, association management, support for small and medium-sized businesses, support for entrepreneurs and social media mavens!  Oh-Daddy-Oh, if you think you've got what it takes... CLICK HERE!

IMPACT Virtual Services is HIRING!

Now Hiring!

Keep an Eye Out

spyWhether you think of your competitors as enemies or colleagues, consider following them along their journey. If you’re a business owner, you should be up to date on all the current industry trends—local, national and worldwide! Learning from others is how we grow and there is a respectful way to keep an eye on your competition in order to gain insight.

Look at your competition through the eyes of a neutral consumer. View their website, subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media. Where are the gaps in information, what is being overlooked? What are they spending the time to do that you aren’t? Perhaps they have a blog, is it active and informational? Notice what your business has in common, and what sets apart. Do you offer services that they do not? Do you excel in customer services or offer online payment? These are the things to highlight when telling clients how your business differs. Learn from what they are doing well and from what they are doing poorly.

Keeping your competition close can also result in referrals. If you are able to develop a positive relationship with your competitor you may realize you are seeking slightly different clients. Having this positive relationship also portrays you as a business owner who supports others, even in the same industry. In general, clients react negatively when in the presence of badmouthing other businesses and colleagues. Represent your business as a respectful and genuine community leader.

It is important to note, one should not become obsessed with tracking competitors. This is an opportunity for you to refine what you do best. Don’t lose your identity or copy exactly what others are doing. Become inspired, gain insight and if you’re going to obsess about anything—make it your clients!

Two Thumbs Up

Go online and it won’t take you long before you can read customer or client reviews on everything from a Thai restaurant to a Tax Accountant. It takes an extremely positive experience for someone to take action and write a positive review, but when something negative happens? Many are quick to post a nasty comment written in the heat of the moment. Here are some simple steps to cultivating all the good that exists out there! SET THE STAGE Gaining word of mouth referrals starts from the very beginning. Relationship building is an investment for every business and it is certainly worth the time and effort. Yes, attend networking events but also remember that you and your employees are representing your business all the time. Be sure to have genuine interactions and learn about others, this isn’t all about you after all! Why not see how you can help them first, I guarantee you will benefit in the long run. Whether these connections become a customer or not, gaining their respect and trust can still bring in the business.

TELL PEOPLE Don’t be shy to tell people your business is a success because of referrals and word of mouth. If someone doesn’t have a need for your services or product, but they believe in your business, this gives them the perfect opportunity to support you. It’s quite satisfying to connect someone who needs something, with someone who has it. Think of it as matchmaking!

LET THEM TALK Give your customers the opportunity to praise your services. Invest in a solid social media following by offering valuable information and discounts online. Encourage customers to ask questions and answer them online so people know you care about each individual. Tell clients how much you appreciate testimonials, as I mentioned before, sometimes people need a gentle nudge when they have something good to say.

THANK YOU It certainly doesn’t hurt to have an incentive program set up. Offering cash or discounted services for successful referrals is a great way to motivate your happy clients. Put a system in place so each person receives the same gift a long with the most important thing, a sincere thank you.

ABOVE ALL ELSE If you don’t have a solid product or provide an exceptional service, you will not generate long lasting referral clients or customers. Believe in your business, invest in your employees through training and education so they believe in what they are selling and people will notice. Admit when you are wrong because it will happen, but overcome that obstacle with your customer and they will remember the good not the bad. Whether you like it or not, your customer base can be your biggest mode of marketing-- hopefully that’s a good thing! By investing in the people who have positive experiences with your business or organization, you are utilizing a valuable (and affordable) resource, resulting in more business and best of all, happy customers.


Who’s Ready To Unload Some Tasks For Summer?

Recently, I posted a (3) part series on deciding whether a Virtual Assistant (VA) was the best choice for your personal life or small business.  I thought I would follow-up to this series and further emphasize some other activities which Virtual Assistants are very helpful with.  It’s the big Q2 for most of us, and we’re heading into the nicest part of the year, summer!  Hiring a VA might free up some summer time which could be better spent on family activities or just making time for you!

  • Organization – VA’s have the benefit of working from their homes or an office location outside of your business.  They have the ability to work with online programs, create power point presentations, sort files, and turn tasks into more manageable, organized solutions.  They create precise details at first glance, versus trying to sort through hours of your own personal notes.  Seems like a great idea to me!
  • enjoy_summerSpecialization – Maybe your business deals with more specialized services such as real estate or tax issues?  Virtual Assistants can vary in background specialties.  Usually the more experienced will require a higher price tag, but if it saves yourself time, it can all be worth it.
  • Travel Plans – Does your job require a lot of traveling?  Is it time consuming for you to sit down, find the most cost-efficient flight, car rental, and hotel?  Well, VAs can perform these activities too.  This may seem minor to you, but if it saved you (4) hours a week, would it be worth it to you?  Especially if you figure your wages per hour in comparison to hiring the work, simple things like this can sometimes be a no-brainer.
  • Answering phones – Do you have a business that needs a live person at the end of it in order for the customer to always have a friendly voice to approach with a question?  Well, this is another role where VAs can be very successful.  Again, it saves you loads of time as this simply requires forwarding your phone and the rest is on them!
  • Blogs – Do you have a website that requires a blog, but you are sometimes too busy to write them?  Well, VAs can research topics and publish creative masterpieces for your clients’ viewing pleasure.  As the decision maker for your business, you of course have final say in the content of these articles.  Given the minor task of advising of the final touches, in comparison to writing an article from scratch, will absolutely save you time and money.  Who knows, you and your clients might very much enjoy this new creative perspective VAs can bring to your business.
  • Website Updates – We all want the most innovative and interactive, up-to-date website, but who has time to always post the latest and greatest?  Guess what?  A VA can do this too!  This requires a little more direction regarding your goals and target audience that you wish to reach, as well as a more specialized VA background, but definitely a great task to hire out.

These are just a few of the many activities that VAs can be available for and able to assist with regarding your small business needs.  I’m also excited to make the point that Impact Virtual Services can offer all of these services to you and would be pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss the demands of your small business and how we can offer the most practical solutions.  We’re approaching summer time and this means it’s time to get out and enjoy the weather.  We all work way too hard, year-round, so take advantage of these opportunities and let us know how we can help save you time and money.

How Important Is It To Become Your Client’s Favorite Website?

What is the first thing that we do when we need to buy a product or service?  Well, for most of us that can’t conveniently run to a myriad of stores at a moment’s notice, we research or shop online.  Guess what…. so do our customers.  This is why you need a good reason for your customer to choose your website.  As this is kind of an obvious statement, just how are you going to accomplish that? Follow these simple guidelines on how to focus your customer’s needs to your website.

  • Begin with a blog.  A blog?  How does this help focus the attention on products and services?  Well, blogs open direct lines of communication.  Blogs are a way to build trust and to speak intelligently about your product (uses/values/benefits).  Blogs can also provide feedback regarding products, directly from the consumer.  Blogs also tend to lead to higher search engine ratings.  The key to success is to publish often and publish material of value.
  • Encourage contact on your website.  With this said, it’s very important that if you make yourself look available to your customers, that you are available.  Make sure that when customers communicate with you through a “Contact Us” link, that you have a back-up plan to follow up with the client.
  • Show that you have personality.  Does your website look and feel like everyone else that sells in the same market as you?  Well, if so… expect them to keep looking.  Display something that will stand out.  Be creative, be interactive, be different, be you!
  • Become an essential resource.  This doesn’t mean you have to give all pertinent content away at a glance, but you can give valuable information that will keep your customers coming back for more.  We all love samples, and samples are what leads us to buy a larger product, right?  I can give one example of this success.  I recently attended a free LinkedIn seminar given by speaker Wayne Breitbarth.  I found that by adding him as a friend on LinkedIn, he sends out a Sunday “snip-it” every week with an interesting fact about LinkedIn social media tools.  Does he give away all of his secrets?  No, of course not, but he does tell you how you can learn more about these tools by attending one of his advanced seminars.  Smart, if you ask me, as he’s become very successful because of those seminars.
  • Be user friendly.  Your website should be easy to navigate.  Have your main menu options at a glance.  Have a spotlight on feature products.  Customer testimonials should be very visible.  Market your website in an organized fashion that keeps the client satisfied.

With these five simple strategies, you can become a first and only point of contact to drive the success of your products and business.  Do you have a blog?  Do you return your consumer’s questions?  Is your site easy to navigate?  If you said no to any of these, by making a few simple changes, you may be bringing in the New Year with a blast!

Are You Targeting the Wrong Social Network?

By Melissa Goodman, Social Media Specialist at IMPACT So many small business owners have the mindset that if we capture tons of followers on our social media networks, that will be the key to a greater success for our business, but is this necessarily true?

Take, for example, your Twitter account.  According to Courtney Rubin, from a post on Business Writers, a 37 year old female is the target audience for Twitter.  If that is not the market that you are trying to reach to market your product, then chances are there is a better social network out there for you to utilize.

I recently read a study performed by Pingdom, a website monitoring service.  They surveyed 24 of the most popular social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.  The results from these studies said a lot about the target audience on the different sites.

  • More than 55% of Twitter users are older than age 35.  So, if you want to capture women in their mid-30’s, you should create Twitter posts that capture this audience’s attention.  Such topics as motherhood, careers, family, and beauty are all great topics for this type of account.
  • The youngest users, under the age of 24, found DeviantART.  This actually surprised me, as I would have thought Facebook was the leader.
  • LinkedIn had the highest percentage of users over the age of 55.  It is great to know that this generation is utilizing such networking services.
  • Tech-focused sites tended to be heavily male dominated, which is generally the rule of thumb.

Overall, it was found of the 24 sites, the majority of users were female (51.25 percent vs. 48.75 percent male).  It comes with no surprise that Pinterest was the most female dominated site.  I guess we have finally proved how much we love to eat, decorate, and shop!

What is the point to all of this?  Well, there tends to be a target audience for all social networks.  If your small business is more tech-savy, you may want to learn more about Slashdot.  If your audience is more artsy/creative, you may want to research Pinterest more in depth.

Have any of you noticed a difference in social networks?  Do you see the same members across the board or is it easy to differentiate?  Sometimes the key is not to have thousands of followers, but to connect and really engage those who are truly interested in your product.   I think it definitely pays to research if you want to reach a target audience specialized to your products.  It’s especially important with year-end approaching and the sky rocket sales that are usually predicted in the holiday season.

Will Your Small Business Be More Successful With the Use of Social Media?

In my opinion this is an obvious yes, but you’d be very surprised with how many people are still afraid to cross over to the social media era. “Businesses that use the Web are growing 15% faster than those that do not. That’s the reality now,” said Susan Sobbott, President of American Express OPEN, in closing her lunchtime panel discussion at The New York Times Small Business Summit.”

In a recent article that I had read, three businesses gave their opinions on how social media can make all of the difference for a small business.  The following is my perspective on their stories.

  • Example 1 – Birchbox:  Birchbox is a health and beauty company.  To market their product, they would send out a little pink box full of health and beauty samples.  To add to their publicity, they allowed their viewing audience to post videos of themselves opening these gift items.  Yes, simple! Posting videos to websites is a form of social media, and guess what this ultimately did for Birchbox?  It spread the word to friends and family members instantly.  Birchbox didn’t lead the conversations about their brand, but the customers did, leading to more visualization of the company, and more sales!
  • Example 2 – Orabrush:  Orabrush, a tongue cleaner product, originally had very little success.  A product with limited marketing material, sitting on retail shelves, waiting for the notice to be discontinued.  That was until a marketing student suggested making a YouTube video.  Once the YouTube video was published, sales spiked with the product that was once close to elimination.  This helped Orabrush in the smaller retail world, which gave incentive for them to advance into the big leagues.  They again turned to social media and invested in a Facebook ad, which ultimately drove them into the Walmart stores, as well as other larger retail stores.  Again, with a little research, they found that personality driven videos on YouTube created the most attention.  With little investment, Orabrush made a killing in sales and is still going strong.
  • Example 3 – Warby Parker: Warby Parker is an online eyeglass company that started from the concept that the founder despised outlandish designer eyewear prices.  “Warby Parker has a virtual try-on tool and sends customers five pairs to try out for five days, a policy that co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal said builds trust and inspires people to buy.”  What did this lead to?  Word of mouth sales!  Sales spiked almost 50% when this marketing strategy led to an increase in friends and family spreading the word about the great eyewear program.  No more running to stores, all you needed to do was pick which glasses you wanted and return the rest.  Warby Parker also accredited their success to outstanding customer service and was very adamant about the importance of investing in quality staff for retaining customers.

These are obviously just a few of the success stories that are out on the internet.  If a business puts forth some creativity, a solid social media campaign, and a commitment to invest time in their efforts, and odds are that company is going to see an increase in overall profit and success.

Do you feel a lull in sales?  Would it help your business to post an ad on Facebook or a video on YouTube?  Do you have personality and flair that will appeal to an audience?  Then what are you waiting for?  Take advantage of social media and turn that small business into a social media success story!

Small Business: Social Media Tips

As the business world jumps further and further into the virtual world of the internet, it is often forgotten that the purpose of going "on-line" is to grow and develop our businesses. Take a step back and re-evaluate your "on-line" goals and ensure you are utilizing your online presence to accomplish them.

Keep it Small It may be counter intuitive to say keep it small when talking about social media, but the reality is that if you are a small business, and you only have so much time and resources to put into social media, the key is to pick one or two things, and do it well, really well.

Being on 5-10 social media platforms and only giving them a sliver of effort is going to come through to your audience. Think about your social media channels, where you get the best responses, the best interaction, the most reach, and focus your efforts there. It is better to have a more limited reach and have that reach be impactful, then have an extended reach and have it mean nothing.

Give Something Away This does not need to mean a physical thing, a gift, a coupon, or a free service, but I can simply mean giving away knowledge. Have your contacts look to you for industry leading advice. Sometimes giving away some knowledge that your competitors would not dare give away can be a great tool for attracting prospects to you.

Engage, Take the Conversation Off-Line It is very easy to hide behind our social media avatars and accounts.

Do you often ask yourself:

  • How can I engage my prospective clients?
  • How can I take this conversation off-line?

The key to turning prospective clients into paying clients is by engaging their interests and needs and taking the online conversation off-line.

Add Pictures and Video Don't forget to include pictures and videos where applicable to social media postings, websites and blogs. The power of sight can help "speak" to your message and draw a reader’s attention.

We all have heard "a picture is worth a thousand words".

It is time to put that knowledge to the test. Integrate pictures and videos to stimulate your readers!

Check out Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube to start. Include images in your website or blog. Or even try adding photos to Facebook. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate visuals to power up your messages.

In Summary… Effectively using social media for your small business may be as simple as asking a few targeted questions of yourself, but the re-evaluation may be the difference between a social media presence that flops and one that thrives!

How do you use your online presence to meet your business goals?

Five Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Social Media is everywhere you go and try as you may, you just can’t seem to get away from it. It seems everywhere you turn there are people posting, liking, tweeting, connecting and following. With all the attention it enjoys, small business owners can start to feel pressure to conquer the social media world. And, while social media provides an excellent opportunity to reach customers, sometimes small business owners make serious mistakes that can cost them followers, likes, connections and even customers. Here are five common social media oversights for small businesses.

1. Giving Them the Hard Sell Small business owners can get into the rut of believing that if their promotion is not selling something, it is not valuable. However, in the world of social media, making content all about “The Sale” can be very detrimental. Social media is about building relationships and trust. This means interacting, teaching, asking questions and most importantly becoming a trusted resource. While there is a time and place for blatant sales pitches on social media, these should be carefully interspersed with other content that shows your personality and demonstrates your care and concern for the customer.

2. Making it All About “ME" There are two types of people with whom most people do not want to be stuck talking. One is a depressed person and the other a narcissist. What both of these people have in common is total focus on themselves, their problems, their interest and their concerns. This leaves little room to build a relationship and creates a very one-sided conversation. The same principle holds true in social media. People do not want to hear all about you…they want you to demonstrate your concern and a willingness to get to know them. Social media is about conversation – two way conversation. People want to know that their opinions, thoughts, concerns and ideas are important. They want you to ask them questions and demonstrate that they are valuable. This means that you need to take time to engage with people who post comments on your wall and recognize that sometimes it’s better to talk less and listen more.

3. Being the Life of the Social Media Party Just because you are starting to utilize social media in your marketing campaign does not mean you have to use all social media tools available. There are two things that small businesses need to consider with regard to social media. First, there is always something new and better and second, you do not have the time or budget to be in every new venue. It is better to concentrate on one or two social media sources and do those well than to be everywhere. In order to choose the most effective method for your business, consider your customer and determine the best place to reach them. Pick one or two vehicles and commit your time and energy to doing those with excellence.

4. Keeping Up With the Big Boys Being the littlest kid on the block can be difficult, however, as the smallest, it is important to remember that if you try to compete with the big kids, you could get hurt. The same is true in business. It is crucial to keep in mind that as a small business you do not have the same budget as the big guys. And, you don’t have to! Instead of trying to keep up, learn from them. See how they do things and try it on a smaller scale. You don’t need a huge budget to be effective, you just need to speak to your customer’s needs and be true to yourself.

5. Thinking Social Media is Free While you don’t have to spend money to be a part of a social media site, it would be foolish to think that this form of promotion is free. It requires time and attention to be effective – and your time is worth something. While it is one of the most cost effective ways to reach a large audience, it has a significant value and price associated with it. Factor this into your ROI to make sure you are getting the most accurate picture of the cost of your campaign.

In the end, Social media is an excellent way for small businesses to connect with their customers. But in order to have the best chance of success, it requires a plan, consistency and a willingness to listen.

Use Referral Selling To Get New Clients Now!

Growth is important for any business; more often than not growth is essential for the small business to remain competitive. Spending hours prospecting on the phones or building a brand new website can be both time consuming and exhausting. How to get around this? Get others to find your clients for you by utilizing the referral-selling model.

There is a strong body of evidence that suggests that over half of all referrals end in a sale, and that word of mouth advertising is by far the most effective. Here are a few tips to harness this power and put it to work for your business.

  • Use those who know and trust you to generate referrals. Trust is crucial in relationship building, and often the first hurdle in the sales process. You can count on your friends, neighbors, and family to be strong advocates for you and your business but consider your current client list as well and ask them if they would be comfortable recommending you to others.
  • Relax and go with the flow, ask when it feels right. New clients will flock to you if your personality is calm and inviting. Treat each contact with a potential client as a meeting between friends, so to speak. If they feel a genuine concern and an interest in their business from you they are more likely to be open to how you can help them. It’s about establishing and maintaining a relationship, not a quick sale opportunity.
  • Be specific; ask for an action, not a contact. When you want someone who trusts you to refer business your way be direct and ask him or her to call or email the prospect for you and request that they notify you once this has been done. This not only establishes credibility for you and your business but also prefaces the potential client about what you have to offer them.
  • Following up is paramount. Do it immediately. Once you’ve been notified that the potential client has been “warmed up” to the idea of doing business with you, reach out. You’ve already received the endorsement from someone who trusts and values your services so you’re more likely to have a genuine, meaningful conversation or communication and more likely to bring in a new client.
  • Thank you, thank you and thank you again. A good rule of thumb is to send a thank you for the referral within one day, and if necessary kindly remind them to take the appropriate action to contact said referral. Then send an additional thank you to the individual to whom you were referred. Finally a third thank you is necessary should a sale result from the referral. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s essential to maintaining a professional, respected image.

Incorporating these tips into your sales model will set your business up for continued success. In the small business community it is all about the creation and maintenance of that professional relationship with your prospective clients. When they genuinely feel as though you and your business have their best interest at heart you’re generating trust and planting a new seed for future referrals.

Pinterest – A New Social Media Channel On the Rise

Is Pinterest the right avenue for a small business? Social media giants Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the way consumers and businesses alike communicate, but recently a new online community is generating quite a buzz.

Pinterest is an online social community where users “pin” articles, pictures, or links to a virtual bulletin board and can be ordered into categories based on the content or theme.

Before you start a pinning frenzy, consider doing your homework. Is Pinterest the right place to increase the visibility of your business?

The Benefits:

  • Pinterest is an informal online community. This makes it a great place to relax and click through an immense amount of content from all types of users.
  • If women are your target market, you’ve come to the right place. According to AppData of the nearly 10.4 million registered Pinterest users 97% of them are female.
  • Brands can be successful on Pinterest if they feature a product with strong visual appeal and are willing to interact to promote it.
  • The Pinterest experience can be customized based upon whom you follow. If you’re all about self-promotion the likelihood of attracting and maintaining a large follower base is slim. You have to be willing to interact and connect with others.
  • A few websites have benefited from huge traffic increases from pins shared from their sites. If you position your brand wisely on the Pinterest network it can translate to large amounts of traffic being directed to your site.

The Challenges:

  • Be aware that everything posted has the potential to go viral. If it does, your business may not get credit for the image unless you have watermarked it in a way that cannot be cropped.
  • Initially all pins shared are linked to either a website or uploaded directly from a computer. As pins are shared and re-shared many of the links are lost in the process. Unfortunately, it’s not a guaranteed way to drive traffic to your site.
  • Upon signing up for Pinterest there is an option to integrate your pins with your Facebook Timeline. If you opt for this permission every item you pin will be posted to your Facebook Timeline and will be visible to your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Not all content is family friendly, be mindful of what might show up if you have a young audience.

If you think Pinterest is something you’d like to try out for your business, here’s how to succeed:

  • Upload images that draw attention directly to your brand or item you’re promoting. Focus your viewer’s attention right where you want it.
  • Name and categorize your pinboards thoughtfully. The boards are searchable, so include SEO friendly keywords to boost traffic.
  • Follow big names. This was a proven strategy in Twitter. If you follow popular figures or other leaders in your industry they’re likely to follow you back!
  • Describe the benefits your brand can offer, not just the features.
  • Share more than just what products you’re selling. Offer tips, short stories, or innovative products from other companies.
  • Make sure that you’ve completely filled out all of your pinboards before you start following others. Make sure you’re giving them something they’ll want to follow back!
  • Pinterest is all about exploration and connecting. Follow things that interest you and you have fun sharing. That excitement will catch on and further promote your brand.
  • Allow time to log in daily to respond to comments, see what has been added, and expand your pinboards.

Happy Pinning!