Making the Most out of Membership Feedback

When asking for feedback, you might get more than you bargain for. Some people are going to complain about everything and people will rarely share their positive thoughts. This does not make it any less important, however, to ask for feedback. Whether you have a monthly meeting, a big conference, or simply want to know how happy members are with their membership, you can find out a lot by simply sending them a survey!


We often use Survey Monkey to reach members after the event is over or just to gage how they are feeling about the organization. If you want to catch them in the moment, print out a sheet of paper with questions on it and collect it at the end of a meeting.


Feedback is the only way to grow, evolve, and give your members what they truly want. It can give you insight in how to attract other members, what to change for next year’s event, or what other benefits they would like to see provided.