How to Increase Online Membership Renewals

Collecting checks in the mail can be a bit clunky and unnecessary during due renewal season. It is a constant waiting game. As the processor you are waiting on the check to arrive, then depositing it and the member is waiting to see if the money goes through. This process would be made a lot simpler if members moved their payment process online. It is quicker and more convenient for both you and the member. In order to give members that extra push to online, try the following tips!


1.     Express the benefits. Explain to members why it is beneficial for them to pay online. This can be done in an email blast, at a member meeting, or on a handout! Figure out which communication method fits with your membership and run with it.

2.     Simplify the process. Make sure that the payment portal is easy to find and use on your website. Have a button on your home page as well as a separate page for renewing membership. The more places members can find where to pay, the better. Include instructions on how to use the payment portal to make the steps even simpler.

3.     Allow mobile payments. Ensure that your website and the payment portal are both mobile friendly. Many people might remember to pay their dues when they are away from a computer. If they go to pay on their phone and the process is not responsive, they might abandon the idea all together.

4.     Offer an incentive. If you are still seeing resistance to online renewals, offer a small discount to those that pay online. Sometimes that extra push one time can lead to a habit forming action.


Moving the payment process online will make your job easier and will eventually make members happier. The hardest part will be getting older members to change their ways but once they do, nobody will be looking back.