Investing in a Member Management System

As a group of Executive Administrators, we see a variety of ways to handle different obstacles in an association. Most of our clients use an online member management system including WildApricot, Your Membership, StarChapter, and more. If you are hesitant about investing in a member management system, here are a few reasons you should make the switch.


1.     Storing data. Nobody wants to maintain paper documents filled with important information scattered around their office or locked away in filing cabinets. Luckily, member management systems can store information about members, events, expiration dates, committees, and more. Having it in the system makes it convenient to search and quickly find information.

2.     Easier payments. With an online platform, you can have members easily pay for membership renewals, events, and conferences. This eliminates the act of sending a check, waiting on it to be received, and the drawn out process involved.

3.     Personalized adaptions. Membership management systems are completely designed to work with associations. This makes building your website and any special features easier. Creating new and varying membership models is an option you can find on a membership management system that you could not find on a standard website.


If your association can relate to one of these points, it is time to make the move to a member management system. The difference it can make is astounding!


If you are interested in investing in a member management system, read our blog on Wild Apricot!