Fueling Member Involvement


It is easy for members of an association to feel as though they are just another face in the crowd. Connecting with members and involving them in decisions is the best way to provide most members with what they want out of the association. The following steps will provide you with a few quick ways to further engage members.


Start a discussion. Involve your members by asking questions whether it is about industry related subjects or what the members want to see with upcoming events, resources, etc. This is a great way to kick off conversation among members and open a line of communication between the board and members. This could be done through social media at an event or wherever it seems fit.


Keep members in the know. A newsletter might not be read by all, but it is the best way to keep members up to date and informed about the association. Once a month is ideal for a newsletter and be sure to include upcoming events and resources the members can utilize. This is what they will be looking for in the letter. A newsletter can also be a good way to show members what their dues and donations are going towards. Whether it is providing a scholarship for a student or providing research for a disease, members want to see the impact their money is making.


Emphasis Exclusivity. Show your members what they are getting out of their membership. This could be done by inviting members to an event or reiterating membership benefits. This will keep them involved and content as well as prevent them from discontinuing their membership. Providing things that they enjoy and do not want to miss out on, will keep them coming back for more.


Keeping these ideas in mind, can make a significant impact on membership involvement.