Client Spotlight: The Association for Collaborative Leadership

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We are having so much fun sharing our clients with the world! This week we are directing our focus to The Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL). This organization got its start in 1965 and has been going strong ever since. The foundation of the organization was to establish an organization for consortia to share ideas, resources, services, projects, and more. ACL’s vision is to, “Serve as the recognized authority on consortial leadership and collaboration in higher education, providing its members with access to specialized expertise, knowledge, and training so they can successfully develop, lead, and manage consortia or other higher education partnerships.” Over the years, ACL has worked to strengthen the networking opportunities and create more benefits for their members. 


Members are given many opportunities and advantages. ACL’s membership benefits include annual conferences, professional development. E-mail discussion lists, a guide for consortia, research bibliography, salary survey, and networking.  


Impact has been supporting ACL since 2017. Our team members, Jill and Heather, work hard to provide ACL with the best possible service. These two provide email management, financial support, run social media, and maintain membership communication. ACL also has an annual conference that Impact’s CEO/Event Specialist, Jodi Fisher, manages. This organization is a pleasure to work with and has grown into a strong partnership.

Impact’s Executive Administrators and Event Specialist for ACL.

Impact’s Executive Administrators and Event Specialist for ACL.