3 Ways to Encourage Meeting Attendance

Have you noticed lower attendance at your regularly scheduled meetings? Maybe it is time to make some changes and get your members more involved. Involving members can be cheap and effective if done correctly. Here are a few of the routes you can take.

  • Be present online. Whether it is Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter, your meeting information needs to be easily found online. This is often the first place that your members are going to check for meeting information. If they do not find it there, they might not keep looking. Posting about the meeting is also a great way to create excitement for the event. Include information about the agenda, photos from the last meeting, whether there will be food or not. It is also a great place for members to comment or share that they will be attending which might encourage others to do the same.

  • Personalize your invites. The person who attends every meeting religiously should not be getting the same message that a potential member is getting. Categorize your email list and make sure to personalize the message depending on who you are reaching out to. This will make current members feel appreciated and will make potential members feel welcomed.

  • Provide incentives. Incentives do not always have to be gifts. Explain to members what they will get out of the meeting. This could be resources, an interesting speaker, or everyone’s favorite, pizza! Let them know what they are missing out on if they do not attend the meeting.

Utilizing these marketing methods, can increase meeting attendance and engage members on deeper level. It is also a great way to bring in new members, which is always a goal.