Conference Location Must Haves

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The task of planning your association’s conference can be daunting. The overwhelming amount of details and decisions can often be more than a board can handle. When it comes to picking your conference location, you have two options: call everyone’s favorite AMC, Impact to help you out :) OR follow these guidelines! 

  1. Location. Location is one of the crucial factors that determines the level of attendance from association members. Keeping the location somewhere easily accessible and relatively central for chapters will up the number of attendees. If the place that happens to be both centrally located and easily accessible, is also a larger tourist location, you are in luck! 

  1. Budget. Set a budget before you begin your process and stick to it. Doing this early allows you to have an understanding on how much you are going to allocate to the venue, food, and other services. 

  1. Services. When looking for the facilities you would like to hold your conference in, look for a main meeting room, smaller rooms for breakout sessions, and the proper equipment.  

  1. Space. Take a look at last year’s numbers and estimate how many attendees you are planning on for the current year. On your site visit, ask how many people can fit in meeting rooms and ensure that the space will be comfortable for guests. 

  1. Site Visits. Impact has done a plethora of site visits and there are a few major things to look out for. Cleanliness, friendliness, catering options, and parking are all factors to consider. 

If you keep these things in mind, the search for your next conference space will be a breeze. 


Venue hunting in Salt Lake City.

Venue hunting in Salt Lake City.

Venue search in Memphis, TN.

Venue search in Memphis, TN.

Introducing The International Personnel Assessment Council

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January 30, 2019, Madison, Wisconsin –Impact Services (Impact) is pleased and proud to announce the signing of The International Personnel Assessment Council (IPAC) as their newest client.     

“IPAC aspires to be the first stop for assessment professionals seeking a network of expertise and applied resources. Our partnership with Impact Services will help us live our core values of Community, Learning, and Practice while we work to foster member growth and increase our membership value and engagement by maximizing operational efficiencies.”  shares IPAC’s Past President, Matisha Montgomery    


“Impact is rapidly growing and we are excited about each individual new client. We are eager to share and support IPAC’s mission to serve personnel assessment practitioners. The organization provides practical and useful tools for their industry. Our team is ready to support this unique group and help them reach their goals”, adds Jodi Fisher, CEO, Impact Services  


 About International Personnel Assessment Council 

The International Personnel Assessment Council is a nonprofit organization made up of HR directors and managers, specialists in staffing, recruiting, and organizational performance management, and more. These professionals have interest and expertise in development and effective use of HR selection and assessment methods. IPAC’s mission states, “To serve personnel assessment practitioners and scientists by facilitating interaction with a community  of  peers  and  experts  and  delivering  the  practical  tools  they  need  to  achieve  professional success.”  


Marty Alber, IPAC President  



About Impact Services   

Impact Services was founded in 2006 by Jodi Fisher, and since then they have successfully supported many Associations in growing and increasing profits and memberships. Now expanded into a robust team, Impact consists of Social Media experts, Non-Profit Administrators and Executive Administrative Assistants with impressive backgrounds in Association support, small business operations and international corporations.  Their mission is to provide customized, efficient, and forward-thinking association management services to small and medium sized Associations with a highly skilled, dedicated team of Executive Administrators.  



Impact Services  



Client Spotlight: Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Happy Tuesday! We are starting off the week by sharing a little on another one of our clients. The Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists or OSHP, is a client we have the joy of supporting. OSHP is an organization made up of pharmacists, students, technicians, and associates with an interest in health-system pharmacy practice. The mission of OSHP is, “To optimize patient health by advocating for the advancement of pharmacy practice to promote comprehensive, quality care across the health-care continuum.”   


OSHP offers members a large set of benefits. Membership comes with networking opportunities, newsletters, education programs, workshops, legislation tracking, testimony, and updates, social events, and more! This organization understands the needs of their members and makes sure to deliver. 


Impact supports OSHP through their two Executive Administrators, Heather Kramer and Ashley Cortino. This successful duo provides OSHP with email management, financial support, website updates, event management, and member communication. The two have a system that has helped OSHP with their success and have built a strong partnership with the organization. 

Click to learn more about OSHP!

What Makes Impact, Impact

2019 marks Impact’s 13th year of business. It has been an exciting ride full of changes and growth. This year, we decided it was important to define what is unique about Impact. Talking over everything that is unique to Impact, our team narrowed it down to 3 defining factors.

  1.  We love what we do, and it shows. Our team is passionate about supporting Associations and becoming partners in order to surpass goals and achieve milestones. As partners, we find great value in developing relationships with our Clients. We are real people with different personalities, skill-sets and strengths. We celebrate this diversity and believe in having FUN while providing top level professional services to our Clients. 

  2. We specialize in small-medium sized Associations. We understand the unique challenges and benefits that align with these Organizations. While each Client is unique, we believe in sharing the strategies and successes we’ve experienced in the past rather than reinventing the wheel. Regardless of how long our Clients have been established or what phase they are in as an Organization, we believe they deserve the best customer service, support and resources.

  3. We believe in transparency. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards when it comes to ethical business practice. From day one we are working hard to establish trust with our Clients. We often pick up the pieces from previous broken partnerships and this has given us the knowledge of how to do things right, right from the start. From our contracts to our invoices and everything in between, we respect our Clients too much to keep anything in the dark. 

Although logos, employees, and clients may have changed over the last 13 years, these 3 unique selling points never will. Happy 13 years of Impact!

Member Retention: Your Membership Webinar Review   

Member Retention_.png

Impact’s team member, Heather, recently watched a webinar on Member Retention by YourMembership. Heather reported back to the team with many creative ideas and suggestions that she learned from this webinar.  

The video mentioned that a member is going to decide whether they will renew in the first 3 months. This proves how crucial communication is when welcoming a member.  It is important to show the new member their importance to the association and inform them of all benefits and resources the membership includes. This increased communication, however, cannot stop after the initial welcome. It is crucial to maintain a consistent line of communication between the board and members. The members need to be reminded of why they chose to become a member in the first place. This can be as simple as sharing industry related news or updating them on changes within the board.  

At the end of the day, however, you are still going to lose some members. One option that YourMembership suggested is conducting an exit survey. This should include something positive such as, “What did you gain from being a member?” Questions like this can remind the member of the perks before exiting and could influence their decision. The exit survey should also include questions that give further insight into why members are leaving. Questions can include “Why do you not want to renew?”, “What would have made you want to renew?”, or “When did you decide not to renew?” Information like this can help the board understand what steps to take next.  


Next steps could include adding more benefits, implementing better communication, or recognizing when members make their decision. It is a lot easier to retain a member than to recruit a new one. Putting time an energy into your current members can show a large payoff.

Setting Professional Development Requirements

Here at Impact Services, we believe it is important to continue learning and growing. Because learning and development are so important to Impact’s mission, it is required that each member participate in 6 professional developments a year. These development opportunities can include skills a team member would like to work on developing, networking events, or a chance to develop a goal or project a client needs or wants.  

This has lead to our team experiencing forums, webinars, and more that have developed them into the hard-working professionals they are. After participating, team members must share with the team what was learned, what challenges or skills they still need to learn more about, and ideas or lessons learned that they feel other staff members could benefit from. 


Setting these requirements sets a culture of continuous education. It reminds everyone on the team that there is always more to be informed about and more room for improvement. The requirements ensure that our team is always increasing their value to our clients. It also provides an opportunity for Impact to take on new responsibilities within our company, because although we may not have experience in a subject, it does not mean we are not willing to learn and conquer it. 


Setting standards for professional development could be a great way to improve your company or association. It will provide new perspectives and open the mind of your team. Seeing things in a new light or learning more about something can only grow your organizations.

Client Spotlight: The Association for Collaborative Leadership

Client Spotlight (2).png

We are having so much fun sharing our clients with the world! This week we are directing our focus to The Association for Collaborative Leadership (ACL). This organization got its start in 1965 and has been going strong ever since. The foundation of the organization was to establish an organization for consortia to share ideas, resources, services, projects, and more. ACL’s vision is to, “Serve as the recognized authority on consortial leadership and collaboration in higher education, providing its members with access to specialized expertise, knowledge, and training so they can successfully develop, lead, and manage consortia or other higher education partnerships.” Over the years, ACL has worked to strengthen the networking opportunities and create more benefits for their members. 


Members are given many opportunities and advantages. ACL’s membership benefits include annual conferences, professional development. E-mail discussion lists, a guide for consortia, research bibliography, salary survey, and networking.  


Impact has been supporting ACL since 2017. Our team members, Jill and Heather, work hard to provide ACL with the best possible service. These two provide email management, financial support, run social media, and maintain membership communication. ACL also has an annual conference that Impact’s CEO/Event Specialist, Jodi Fisher, manages. This organization is a pleasure to work with and has grown into a strong partnership.

Impact’s Executive Administrators and Event Specialist for ACL.

Impact’s Executive Administrators and Event Specialist for ACL.

Fueling Member Involvement


It is easy for members of an association to feel as though they are just another face in the crowd. Connecting with members and involving them in decisions is the best way to provide most members with what they want out of the association. The following steps will provide you with a few quick ways to further engage members.


Start a discussion. Involve your members by asking questions whether it is about industry related subjects or what the members want to see with upcoming events, resources, etc. This is a great way to kick off conversation among members and open a line of communication between the board and members. This could be done through social media at an event or wherever it seems fit.


Keep members in the know. A newsletter might not be read by all, but it is the best way to keep members up to date and informed about the association. Once a month is ideal for a newsletter and be sure to include upcoming events and resources the members can utilize. This is what they will be looking for in the letter. A newsletter can also be a good way to show members what their dues and donations are going towards. Whether it is providing a scholarship for a student or providing research for a disease, members want to see the impact their money is making.


Emphasis Exclusivity. Show your members what they are getting out of their membership. This could be done by inviting members to an event or reiterating membership benefits. This will keep them involved and content as well as prevent them from discontinuing their membership. Providing things that they enjoy and do not want to miss out on, will keep them coming back for more.


Keeping these ideas in mind, can make a significant impact on membership involvement.

Client Spotlight: American Society of Civil Engineers- Wisconsin Section

ASCE Client Spotlight.png

The new year is here and we are spending some time reflecting on the clients who make up Impact. Today’s client spotlight focuses on the Wisconsin Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-WI). ASCE is one of the largest professional civil engineering networks in the world. The organization provides members with networking opportunities, learning resources, and communication. ASCE welcomes licensed engineers, students, affiliates, and associates. Everyone that is connected to the world of Civil Engineering has something to gain from this association. The organization keeps members up to date on trends and technology in the industry, provides membership discounts, and career development.


ASCE-Wisconsin Section is also heavily involved in the community. Membership dues go towards advocating for improved infrastructure, improving STEM opportunities for students, and providing resources to improve public health, safety, and welfare.


Impact’s Executive Administrator, Heather, provides support for ASCE-WI. Heather aides in managing the organization’s email, providing board support, social media management, conference planning, and more. The collaboration that goes on between Impact and ASCE is something our team appreciates. The open lines of communication allow everything to run as smoothly as possible and keep the partnership growing in the right direction.

To learn more about this organization, visit:

Balancing Life as a Board Member

Associations and nonprofits are typically run by volunteers. This means that those volunteers have full lives outside of their duties within the association including their own career. Juggling both a full-time career and a position on an association’s board can be challenging. Here are a few things to remember when navigating this tricky balance. 


Membership is not all on you. The push for new members and member recruitment is a constant goal of associations. Taking on the task of recruiting new members and pushing for current members to stay is a part of being on the board. This job, however, does not fall solely on one person. It is each person’s responsibility as a part of the association to recruit and retain. Doing this, keeps the organization running and allows the organization to fulfill its mission. It is important, however, to be mindful of your interactions with current and potential members. Each interaction could be the deciding factor on whether that member joins or stays in the association. Maintaining a positive attitude and friendly demeanor could be your organization’s selling point.  


Build Relationships. Understanding your members, potential members, and community will set the groundwork for your association’s success. Building these relationships will ensure a sense of trust and will provide you with a set of resources. Connect with people on social media, reach out personally if you have built a strong enough relationship, and maintain the relationship even if it seems like it is no longer beneficial to you. 


Keep learning. As a board member, it is essential to keep learning everything you can about the industry as well as the role you are in. Learning more about the association is only going to make you more knowledgeable and successful. This allows you to run the association efficiently and the ability to teach others more about the industry as well. Keeping up on industry news or advice on how to better your association will better you as a leader. 


Reaching a Larger Audience through Blogs

Blogs are becoming more and more relevant in today’s culture. Companies and associations are using blogs as a form of marketing. By providing useful information on blogs, the target audience is interested in the material and will be more likely to find use out of the organization. If your company or association already has a blog, here are a few ways to increase your blog’s following. 


  1. Use key words. In your blog title, try to include key words that will attract the people you are targeting. It is important to keep it short and possibly even indicate that the blog is short by stating something like, “3 Tips on Networking.” People will be more likely to read the blog if they feel it is something they can quickly glance over and retain. 

  2. Repurpose your blogs. If your blogs have important or useful content, do not be afraid to reuse them on other platforms. Some options would be to include the information in a newsletter, social media posts, handouts, and back-linking. Reiterating the content will drive the point home, however, it is important to make sure this is not overdone. New content is necessary to keep people coming back for more. 

  3. Submit your blog to industry related websites. Larger websites related to industry news produce new content regularly. By submitting your blog, you are lessening the work on their end and handing them a piece that is useful and interesting to their target audience as well as yours. 


Growing your following is an important step in growing your audience’s awareness of your organization. With that being said, hop on the blog train and reach as many people as you can! 

Capturing our Experience: Personify Connections

personify connections.png

A couple of weeks ago, one of our team members had the opportunity to attend Personify Connections. This event was hosted by Wild Apricot and Personify in Chicago. The event included a half day lunch and learn sessions with a primary focus on Personify. Two of the learning sessions stuck out to our team member, “Talkin’ about my Generation” and “5 Habits of Highly Engaging Organizations- Membership Expert, Joy Duling.” Here are a few tidbits learned from those sessions. 

“Talkin’ bout my Generation” 

This was a useful session that took the time to break down the generations, giving an overview of how they like to learn and where their loyalties fall.  

Boomers: (1946-1964): This generations is known as the “I’m in it for me Boomers”. They put themselves first and want to know what they are going to get out of a situation. The Boomers top 3 donations go towards local social, worship, and health.  

GenX: (1965-1980): GenX is defined as the lost generation or the slackers. They are the first generation of latch key kids and divorce. They are also responsible for 45% of technology start ups. They are currently in their prime earning years. GenX top 3 donations go towards health, local social, and animal. 

Millennials: (1981-1996): Millennials experienced the major shift in technology. They are immune to traditional marketing due to growing up with cable, internet, and social media. They also tend to be less brand loyal. Millennials also appear to be the most willing to give back. 46% of Millennials would prefer a donation over a birthday gift. Their top 3 donations go towards worship, children, and local social. This generation of giving back is the perfect one to target for associations. 

GenZ: (1997-2012): GenZ is more creative and open minded. They have never known a world without internet and tend to show signs of depression or withdrawal if their phones are taken away. Many were not alive during the country’s cultural shift on 9/11.  This generation’s top 3 donations go towards children, animal, and health. 


“5 Habitats of Highly Engaging Organizations-Membership Expert, Joy Duling” 

The next session focused more on engaging members. It provided a clear break down of how to reach those members and keep them involved in the organization. 

  1. Always listening. It is important to actively listen to what members want. Question how and how often you build listening opportunities? What happens afterwards? How is that put into practice? Evaluating this, can lead to a more open line of communication. 

  2. Continuously see possibility. See a better future ahead for your members and share your vision with members. Keeping members focused on that future, encourages them to get involved in making that future a reality. 

  3. Show up. Include hosts, announcers, researchers, and agents in your events and meetings for members. This will provide them value for their membership and keep them interested what the association is working towards. 

  4. Intentional activity. Make sure the activities provided for members are useful and engaging events. This could be done through subcommittees, interest groups, personalized emails, or event experience. Create different tracks for different types of members to keep them all engaged. 

  5. Connect. Meaningful connections online and offline are great ways to keep members involved. Prioritize, plan, and pursue 

Overall, this event was extremely informative and helpful in understanding the different age groups and how to engage those groups in your association. Our team will definitely be attending this event again!

Client Spotlight: The American Society of Interior Designers

This week’s client spotlight is a unique one. On this blog, we are taking a closer look at not one, but two chapters that we support. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) promote the value of interior design through education and advocacy in order to promote the profession of interior design and spread the word of their passion. 


At Impact, we support the ASID California North and ASID Wisconsin chapters. These chapters are unique yet working towards a common goal. ASID’s mission to advance profession and communicate the impact of interior design to enhance the human experience guides their efforts and hard work. It is evident that each chapter is working towards this vision by providing resource centers full of information on the industry, awards and honors that shine light on distinguished individuals, a voice on behalf of designers with the government, and networking events. The opportunities provided by ASID to their members are endless. 


Learning about the interior design world has been a fun ride for Impact and our team is excited to continue to help these chapters grow. Our team supports ASID California North and ASID Wisconsin through email management, financials, meetings and events, social media, and website management. Being a part of making such an outstanding organization expand is a privilege. We are eager to learn more and more about these organizations, as well as to see what 2019 holds for them.

Becoming a Nonprofit Organization

It is important for organizations to make a profit, in order to fulfill its mission. Even if a nonprofit organization makes a profit, it has no owners and all funds go back into maintaining the organization. Organizations may file for a nonprofit status through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to receive tax-exempt benefits.

Organizations have the opportunity to incorporate as a nonprofit in any state. The rules to incorporate vary from state to state, but each state requires Articles of Incorporation. Within the articles the organization must state its registered agent and office to receive legal notifications. The address must be a physical address in your state and not a PO Box. If you do not wish to list a home address, there are registered agent services available to receive legal notifications. Contact your state office to learn more about the requirements to incorporate.


The Articles of Incorporation also includes the federal tax-exempt status the organization will file to become tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. A list of these codes are located at:


Even though this list includes several codes to file a 501 (c) tax-exempt status, the most common filings include 501 (c)(3) and 501 (c)(6). Organizations filing as 501 (c)(3) are identified mainly as charitable, but include religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, or prevention of cruelty to children or animals organizations. The main purpose of these organizations is to benefit the public. Organizations may apply for a 501 (c)(3) status if they are either a public charity or a private foundation providing charitable goals.  A key component of an organization maintaining a 501 (c) (3) status is offering donors a tax deduction.


Limitation to a 501 (c)(3) is political activity. A 501 (c)(3) is not allowed to participate in any political activity. However, an organization that is not a private foundation or religious may apply for a 501 (h) election when filing a 501 (c)(3) application and participate in limited lobbying.


Even though 501 (c)(3) organizations may have members, another option is 501 (c) (6).  This status allows organizations to be politically active to promote the mission of its members’. Donations are not tax deductible, but the 501 (c)(6) organization does not rely on donations to run the nonprofit. These organizations include business leagues, chambers of commerce and real estate boards, among others.


Organizations should contact an attorney specializing in nonprofit law with any questions and preparing the filing for nonprofit status.

Client Spotlight: Association for Talent Development- Central Indiana Chapter

It’s a new week and we are rolling out the red carpet for another one of our deserving clients, the Association for Talent Development- Central Indiana Chapter (ATD-CIC). This organization’s mission is to,
“Empower professionals to develop talent in the work place.”  ATD-CIC provides opportunities and resources in order to support talent development among professionals in Central Indiana. The association offers research, webcasts, books, events, and educational programs. These resources allow members to grow, learn, and connect enhancing their professional lives.


ATD is beneficial to varying groups of people. Whether you are fresh out of college and starting your career or you have 40 years of experience under your belt, this association has something to benefit everyone. There is always room to learn and work on bettering yourself.


ATD-CIC’s vision to create a world that works better, is something that guides our support at Impact. Impact Services aides ATD-CIC through membership management and communication, website updates, and event management. Our team works hard to provide members with excellent communication and the resources they need right at their fingertips. We are pleased to spread the message of this organization and partnership.


To learn more about the Association for Talent Development-Central Indiana Chapter visit:

How One Acronym Can Make All the Difference

WSAE Summit Experience.png

The Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) held the WSAE Summit last month in Madison. Impact participated by sending one of our executive administrators, Tammy. Tammy reported back that the event was filled with useful learning sessions as well as networking opportunities. From this event, Tammy had one major takeaway, everyone needs micro goals. The keynote speaker, Connor Cunneen, emphasized an acronym, C.H.A.P.S, to live by in both work and your personal life to create those micro goals.


C- Compliment one person each day. This sets a positive attitude for both people involved. Setting that tone can lead to a more efficient working relationship and work environment.


H- Hear the words “Thank You.” If you do something nice for someone, it is important to slow down to hear their thank you. This will help you to keep in mind that your work is important and making an impact. This can keep you motivated to provide your best work again and make you feel fully appreciated.


A-Address colleagues, members, and customers by name. The most impactful word to someone is their name. If you are trying to make that person feel important or attempting to get a point across that you do not want them to forget, add their name to the sentence. It will stick with them and emphasis the point you are intending to make.


P-Positive. Use one positive word in each conversation. Delightful, Friendly, Amazing, Brilliant, Bubbly are examples of words that have a significant impression on the person you are speaking with. Adding those words in while giving constructive criticism can also help ensure that the person hears your message rather than shutting down to the negative feedback.


S-Smile. Put a smile on one person’s face each day. When you make someone smile, you in return smile. Create a positive atmosphere and bring a little joy to days that can often blur together with busy schedules and routine.


Living by the CHAPS acronym can make a difference in relationships in all areas of your life. Building those relationships adds to both your success and happiness. This way of thinking is one that we are excited to begin incorporating into our culture at Impact Services.



Client Spotlight: Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation

Client Spotlight_ WROF.png

As the end of year approaches, we are continuing to take a closer look at the clients that have made our year a success. This week we are giving some love to a local organization that we support, the Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation or WROF. This foundation works to provide endowment earnings and gifts that support educational opportunities for rural Wisconsin citizens at a vast variety of education institutions throughout the State of Wisconsin.


The goal of WROF is to invest in the education of people from rural Wisconsin, so they in return, can make a difference in the economic health and quality of life in their rural areas. WROF provides opportunities for a variety of paths including nurse practitioners, medical doctors, farmers/producers, veterinarians, educators, and skilled labor. The organization understands the importance of supporting their local community and how investing in future generations is the way to do that.


Impact Services handles the administrative side of WROF through email correspondence, social media, database management, and more. As a Madison based company, we could not be happier to support this fantastic group knowing that is making a difference in our community. We are excited to see what this next year holds for the Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation.

Making Your New Members Feel Welcomed


Associations are always on the lookout to recruit new members. Making those new members feel welcomed and excited about their membership is an important step in retaining those members in the future. It confirms that their decision to join was the right one. Creating a welcome packet for new members is a great way to do just that! Here are a few ideas of what to include in your new member welcome packets.


  • A personalized letter welcoming new members is a great way to make initial contact.  It will make the new member feel important to the organization and feel as though their membership is an exciting asset to the association.

  • When greeting your new member, make sure to include a calendar of upcoming events. This will put the new member in the loop immediately and ensure involvement. Keeping them involved is key to retaining them in the future.

  • Provide your new member with information on benefits they will receive as a member. Include resources, perks, fun aspects of being a member. This will help raise enthusiasm about being a member and potentially lead to more recruitment through your new member.

  • Pile on the free stuff. Load up your new member with t-shirts, water bottles, stickers; you name it, they will take it! Providing these goodies is an easy way to not only make your new member happy, but also market your association and raise awareness.

  • Finally, don’t forget to include information on dues! Provide instructions on how and when to pay dues. Try to make this side of membership easy and stress-free for your new member. It is not going to be their favorite part of membership, but making it a simple task will keep their distaste for it at a minimum.


Making your new member feel welcomed will go a long way towards their future with the association. It is important to invest the time, money, and resources into this

Client Spotlight: Intrepid Wealth Partners, LLC

Upload your best portrait photos with the hastag #HoldThatPose for a chance to win great prizes.1.png

This week, we are zooming in on another one of our clients, Intrepid Wealth Partners. Intrepid Wealth Partners, LLC provides financial and investment planning for entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners. The company also provides insurance solutions, as well as, portfolio and retirement income planning. Intrepid Wealth is centered around its’ passion to help people enjoy their lives more thoroughly by providing financial planning.  This passion is what makes Intrepid Wealth unique in its’ industry.

Derek Notman is the founder and CEO of Intrepid Wealth Partners. Derek is a Certified Financial Planner who puts his clients needs and interest above anything else. He has a unique approach to his work and a strong relationship with his clients. His mission to help others live a more comfortable life through financial planning is one that we respect and happily support.


Impact works closely with Intrepid Wealth Partners through email management, conference calls, customer work, and more. Our team member, Ashley Cortino, keeps up with the tasks and responsibilities of Intrepid Wealth and we could not be more proud of the work that goes into this client.


If you would like to learn more about Intrepid Wealth Partners, head to their website.

Client Spotlight: National Association of Professional Mortgage Women

At Impact Services, we are partnered with many hard-working and successful organizations. We believe those organizations deserve recognition for the causes they stand behind, and the work they are putting in for their community. This week we are taking a closer look at the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women (NAPMW).


NAPMW strives to provide advancement of women in mortgage related professions by providing them with development opportunities including the categories of personal, business, and leadership. This association provides those opportunities through networking events, leadership positions, and education on how the industry is evolving.


The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women has a long history that dates back to 1964. Over time, the association has made efforts in maintaining high standards of profession, equal recognition for women, and encouraging women to choose the path of mortgage banking as their career.  


Impact works first hand on administrative tasks, annual reports, social media, event management, board meetings, and more for NAPMW. This gives us an up-close look at the efforts being made and a deeper understanding NAPMW’s vision. As an all-female association management company, the Impact team enjoys supporting an association that builds up and supports women as much as NAPMW.

To learn more about NAPMW and their mission you can head to their website: