Wild Apricot Webinar Review: Member OnBoarding

Wild Apricot Webinar Review_ Member OnBoarding.png

Continuing education is something we value strongly at Impact. Wild Apricot’s webinars always prove to be incredibly helpful and informative. Both Jill and JoEllen watched the webinar, “3 New Strategies to Boost Your Member OnBoarding, Engagement, and Retention.”


These two learned that members decide within the first three emails from you whether they will continue reading future emails! This is the primary method of contact between most associations and their members, meaning members NEED to be reading those emails in order to stay up to date and informed.


Maintaining a member’s attention, however, is on you. Wild Apricot offered a plan for your first three emails.

·      Let members know that you know what their problem is

·      Solve that problem

·      And connect them to your Value Trigger Point


A New Member Engagement Study found that onboarding programs increase new member renewal ratees on average by 10%. More so than ever today, people are focused on experiences rather than things. Creating a positive early-on experience for members is crucial!