Upping Your Association's Facebook Game


With social media always evolving, it is important to keep up with where your audience is and how to effectively reach them. Although new social platforms have come out over the past few years, Facebook has remained stable. Attracting and engaging your audience can be difficult at times, so here are a few tips on how to do just that!

  1. Make your page valuable. As an association, use the Facebook page to inform the audience. This can be about your specific association, industry related articles, and more. Sharing blog posts, webinars, and upcoming event information are all ways in which you can inform the readers and keep them coming back for more.

  2. Do not underestimate the value of visuals. Both photos and videos draw in the most impressions on posts. They are interesting to the member and provide both entertainment as well as information. If you are hosting an upcoming event, try having a board member explain the perks of attending that event. This can be done through Facebook live or uploading your own edited version. This allows members to see the page as a resource for information.

  3. Create calls to action. It is important for members of an association to feel valued. By giving members an action to complete, you are making them an active member with a purpose. This can be done by posting polls and surveys related to the association or the industry, sharing links, as well as sending members to your own website.

If you are still looking for more tips on engaging your audience on Facebook, head to Wild Apricots blog, Facebook: The 5 Best Ways to Promote Your Organization. Keeping up with these trends is important in drawing in new members and retaining the ones you have.