The AMC Checklist

Things can get a bit hectic for a volunteer in an association. When this overwhelming feeling gets to be too much, it is time to begin your search for an association management company. Beginning this search might lead to even more of a headache for the Board of Directors, but we have made it easy! Here is a checklist of what to look for in an AMC. 

  • Size fit. If you are on the board of an extremely large association, make sure that the AMC you choose has the capacity to take you on. This applies to smaller associations as well. You want to make sure that you are at equal priority to the AMC’s other clients. This ensures that things do not slip through the cracks and the work is done. 

  • Passion. Look for a group of Executive Administrators that has a true passion for what they do. Find an AMC that becomes a partner and cares about your goals and milestones. This will guarantee that they are just as dedicated as you are to the organization. 

  • Culture Fit. You are going to be working with the Executive Administrator closely. It is important that you and that person get along, communicate well, and have a strong understanding of one another. If you prefer working with someone more laid back than intense, keep that in mind when conducting your AMC interviews. This relationship will be something you are maintaining for the length of the contract and should be a positive one. 

  • Transparency. Find an AMC that holds themselves to high standards when it comes to ethical business practice. You are handing your AMC highly important information and access when you work with them. Make sure that the AMC you choose has an open and honest policy about how they are spending your time, what they do for you on a regular basis, and any information they might hold during their time with you. It is important to know that your money is being used properly and that if the partnership were to end, your information is readily available. 

  • More than one dedicated Administrator. It is a smart move to look for an AMC that will provide you with at least two dedicated Executive Administrators. Two Executive Administrators allows you easier communication, more collaboration, and a back up plan. If you are working with one Executive Administrator and they have to take a day off or leave the company, you have someone who has already been working with your association to train a new staff member. This keeps things running smoothly and prevents a chaotic transition if your primary administrator is unavailable.  

  • Experience. If you are lacking in marketing, financial support, or member communication, find an AMC that has that experience. Question them during the interview and look for examples that line up with what your organization is looking for. This guarantees a good administrative fit. 

    The hunt for the perfect AMC might be a stressful one, but once you find the right fit, the stress will quickly fade. The AMC will allow you to redirect your focus to the mission of your association and leave the administrative tasks to your new partner.