Association Management Monday What exactly can a Virtual Assistant do for your non-profit, Board of Directors or Association?  The short answer is…. So… MANY… THINGS!

impact Virtual Services offers an extensive menu of services to non-profits and associations so you can focus on the big picture.

Here’s a sampling of what we do!

Website maintenance Board meetings Newsletter creation and distribution Full List of Services

Why We Love Supporting The Board of Directors

1. We love being the 'go to' person... board
We are Administrators because we thrive on being the support role. We love nothing more than to take things off your plate and get them done. We want to support you and your group in order to surpass goals and milestones. Of course, who doesn't love a little recognition once in a while or a genuine thank you, but we don't mind taking the back seat and making the organization look good. We love working wonders behind the scene! It's selfish, really, but we get satisfaction from being needed. And we know, that the person who keeps the administrative side in order, is always needed!
2. We are freak organizers!
We're the first to admit it, we are obsessed with organization, efficiency and productivity. We'll have it no other way! When working with a group of talented people of different backgrounds and industries, things can get off track, delaying productivity. We are there to keep things moving forward! As Administrators, we are all about the logistics, facts and accountability. We've got our eye on the clock, and we're ready to support the board with a productive meeting..agenda in hand. Is your group missing this role? It's too critical to put off another year!