Spring Cleaning: Association Website Edition

We often find ourselves scouring the internet for information or simply something to do. When we have a question about something, the first thing we do is Google it. The top few results are also going to be as far as we look for that information. Your association’s website should always be up to date for both potential and current members.


Make sure that all of the information on your organization’s website is easy to find and most importantly present on the website. The website should include member benefits, upcoming events, your mission statement and more! The more compelling information you include on your website, the more potential members will be interested. This could include photos from past events or testimonials from current members.


It is also important that the overall image of the website looks clean and modern. The last thing you want, is for a potential member to come across your page and get the impression that it was last updated when the internet was born. The design can be simple and sleek while still being visually pleasing.


The association’s website should also include a place for potential members to fill out an application. If they visit your site and like what they see, there should be an easily accessible spot for them to make their decision to join. This goes for membership renewals as well. Make sure everything is right at the fingertips of your members.


After doing a little website spring cleaning, track your website’s analytics. You can then follow what your visitors are most interested in and continue improving from there.


Keeping your website up to date with everything your members and potential members could possibly need, will help to establish your organization. People go onto the internet expecting to find the answers they are in search of and will be frustrated if they come up short. Cleaning up your website, could just be the key to membership recruitment and retention.