Perks of Investing in Social Media

Perhaps your Association has a Facebook page. Or maybe you post on LinkedIn every so often, but is that enough? We understand that time and resources are often tight among non-profit organizations but below are some reasons why we think it’s worth the investment. 

Websites are important but people will go to your Organization's Facebook page for current information. Landing on an outdated page is a poor first impression that you’ll never get back!  

Social media sites give insight to your Organization’s personality. Have fun using this outlet for sharing pictures, relevant articles and sharing posts from those in your industry. 

Want a simple way to tap into another community? Engage other organizations or businesses that align with your mission. Get instant views from individuals who may not even know your Organization exists! 

Become a resource. The web is an unlimited resource and it’s all at our fingertips. Become a trusted resource to your community by curating and sharing information. Show that you are active within the industry and on the cutting edge of policies and news.  

Now that you see the value in making the investment, don’t waste your time doing it. Posting, engaging, sharing, it’s all important and it should be done consistently with the voice of your Association. Sharing the responsibility can lead to a muddled, disjointed voice—let a professional do it!