Sharing vs Competing for Members

People who belong to an association often belong to more than one. They use them as a way to network and learn more about their industry.  Rather than competing for members in other local associations, work together! Find a way to share members and create unique benefits for each. Below are tips on how to do just that.

  • The introduction. Make sure to reach out to the association you might be competing with. Send an email or give them a phone call and explain what your association offers its’ members.

  • Talk it out. Meet up with the contact point you have with the other association and discuss areas of crossover. What do members that belong to both groups have in common? What unique benefits do they gain from each association.

  • Avoid overlapping events. Look at your schedules for the next 6 months to a year and make sure that future events do not fall on the same day. This will allow each association to have higher attendance at events and makes for happier members.

Working together will only make each association more successful and will prevent members from feeling as though they can only join one.