Reaching a Larger Audience through Blogs

Blogs are becoming more and more relevant in today’s culture. Companies and associations are using blogs as a form of marketing. By providing useful information on blogs, the target audience is interested in the material and will be more likely to find use out of the organization. If your company or association already has a blog, here are a few ways to increase your blog’s following. 


  1. Use key words. In your blog title, try to include key words that will attract the people you are targeting. It is important to keep it short and possibly even indicate that the blog is short by stating something like, “3 Tips on Networking.” People will be more likely to read the blog if they feel it is something they can quickly glance over and retain. 

  2. Repurpose your blogs. If your blogs have important or useful content, do not be afraid to reuse them on other platforms. Some options would be to include the information in a newsletter, social media posts, handouts, and back-linking. Reiterating the content will drive the point home, however, it is important to make sure this is not overdone. New content is necessary to keep people coming back for more. 

  3. Submit your blog to industry related websites. Larger websites related to industry news produce new content regularly. By submitting your blog, you are lessening the work on their end and handing them a piece that is useful and interesting to their target audience as well as yours. 


Growing your following is an important step in growing your audience’s awareness of your organization. With that being said, hop on the blog train and reach as many people as you can!