Reaching a Larger Audience During Your Next Event


As an association management company, our team is involved with the planning and organization of many events. These events can include large conventions, multi-day conferences or annual board meetings. These events are a great way connect with current members but have the potential to reach further. By creating marketing material around your event, you can broaden the audience and inform others of your association or organization. Below is a list of ways to spread the word of your event and encourage attendance growth for your next.

  1. #Hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to connect the people at the event. If they post a picture or make a comment about the event on social media, it is important to encourage the use of a designated hashtag. If people who follow those that attend the event on social media, they have the opportunity to click the hashtag and get a feel for what the event entails.

  2. Picture taking is a must. It can be helpful to give people reasons to take pictures at your event. This could be done with a photo booth, Snapchat filter, or an aesthetically pleasing picture wall. The options are endless. This can add to the personality of the event and allows for free promotion on social media.

  3. The power of videos. If you have the resources, hiring someone to video the event and make a compilation of the top moments can come with a lot of benefits. Putting those videos to the perfect song can evoke emotion in people and possibly have them considering attending your next event.

These few ways to promote the event can make a big difference. At your next event, make sure you are utilizing these tools to increase awareness and create a brand personality for your association.