Preparing your Speakers

Whether you are putting on a conference or small presentation for your members and guests, a large portion of their time will be spent listening to speakers. Because of that, it is important to make sure your speakers are interesting, relevant, and prepared!  


Once you have selected your speaker, you have hopefully picked someone who checks off the buckets of interesting and relevant. Your next step is to prepare the speaker. The more prepared they are, the better their speech will go and the more it will benefit your attendees. Follow this checklist of preparation and your speaker will be ready to jump on stage and soar! 

  • Audience Overview. Let your speaker know who they will be speaking to. Explain the association demographics and psychographics to them. Do the members all work in the same industry? Are they all rallied around the same cause? Why are they at this event? Preparing your speaker for the audience they will be in front of will allow them to better prepare for a more customized presentation.  

  • Presentation Styles. This is not your association’s first rodeo. You know what has worked and what has not at past events. Share that information with your presenter. If a past speaker depended on crowd interaction and your group is the quieter type, make the upcoming speaker aware of this. Anything that did not work before is useful for your new speaker to know when preparing their presentation. 

  • Day-of Instructions. Send over an email to your presenter a few days before the event including any details he or she will need to know before arriving. This can include when to arrive, details on audio/visual capabilities, whether or not someone will be introducing them, and your contact information. 

Preparing your speaker will only put both the speaker’s and your mind at ease. It will keep things running smoothly and will ensure a higher satisfaction rate from your attendees.