Lisa Demmi’s “How To Be a Bad A$$ at Social Media” Review  

How To Be a Bada$$ at Social Media.png

Impact’s team member, Kristen, attended MPI Wisconsin’s event on social media. Kristen has a strong interest in marketing and social media and thought this would be an informative session. She was right. Lisa Demmi is a Professional Speaker and Social Media Expert. She started the session off with lively stories, jokes, and a magic trick. After the crowd was engaged, Lisa delivered a presentation that left guests with a breakdown on how to improve their organization’s social media by explaining what your audience wants to see, explaining how social media should be used as a tool, and pointing out where you can find your content.


Lisa defined content as anything you share that explains your company. She then asked the audience what they did not like to see on social media. She was answered with shouts of politics, ads, negativity, too many posts, and repetitive content. Lisa emphasized the importance of keeping in mind what you do not like to see on social media when posting for your organization. This will keep your audience happier and show your organization in a better light. It will also prevent your followers from quickly scrolling past your posts.


The importance of using your social media outlets as a relationship tool versus a sales tool was also discussed. It is often easy to fall into the habit of posting your organization’s services, however, this is not what your audience wants to see. It is important to show your personality, educate, and entertain your followers.


The speech also covered where to find your content. No matter what industry you are in, you will find yourself answering the same 10 questions repeatedly. Lisa suggested that you should take those questions and create content out of them. If your association finds themselves answering questions about upcoming meetings every month, provide the answers ahead of time. This ensures you are providing your audience with useful information. To further engage your followers, announce ahead of time that you will be giving this information out. This will give you multiple posts and will keep your audience of the lookout for the information.


Overall, the event was incredibly helpful. Kristen came away knowing how to better add to the conversation on social media, creating relationships and engaging the audience. We suggest you take some of these tips and apply it to your organization. One change might make all the difference.