How One Acronym Can Make All the Difference

WSAE Summit Experience.png

The Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE) held the WSAE Summit last month in Madison. Impact participated by sending one of our executive administrators, Tammy. Tammy reported back that the event was filled with useful learning sessions as well as networking opportunities. From this event, Tammy had one major takeaway, everyone needs micro goals. The keynote speaker, Connor Cunneen, emphasized an acronym, C.H.A.P.S, to live by in both work and your personal life to create those micro goals.


C- Compliment one person each day. This sets a positive attitude for both people involved. Setting that tone can lead to a more efficient working relationship and work environment.


H- Hear the words “Thank You.” If you do something nice for someone, it is important to slow down to hear their thank you. This will help you to keep in mind that your work is important and making an impact. This can keep you motivated to provide your best work again and make you feel fully appreciated.


A-Address colleagues, members, and customers by name. The most impactful word to someone is their name. If you are trying to make that person feel important or attempting to get a point across that you do not want them to forget, add their name to the sentence. It will stick with them and emphasis the point you are intending to make.


P-Positive. Use one positive word in each conversation. Delightful, Friendly, Amazing, Brilliant, Bubbly are examples of words that have a significant impression on the person you are speaking with. Adding those words in while giving constructive criticism can also help ensure that the person hears your message rather than shutting down to the negative feedback.


S-Smile. Put a smile on one person’s face each day. When you make someone smile, you in return smile. Create a positive atmosphere and bring a little joy to days that can often blur together with busy schedules and routine.


Living by the CHAPS acronym can make a difference in relationships in all areas of your life. Building those relationships adds to both your success and happiness. This way of thinking is one that we are excited to begin incorporating into our culture at Impact Services.