SIX Ways To Elevate Your Next Event

Don't let all of your time, energy and resources go to waste by hosting an average event. By doing what everyone else does or doing what your Organization has always done, your event won't be memorable to your attendees. Switch it up and make things interesting with these six ideas!

1-Welcome your first-timers in a special way. Match them with a veteran attendee or have a separate happy hour designated for this group to join and make connections or ask questions. 

2-Offer VIP access to your keynote speaker or celebrity guest. A great way to get a bidding war going! 

3-Host experiences at your event. People love interactive displays and activities.  

4-Forget the typical 9-5 workday, consider hosting a sunrise or sunset activity. Get people out of the conference hall. Meet along the beach or go for a walk and have a breakout session in a city park. 

5- Mix it up! Offer different seating options. Get bean bag chairs for one corner, add couches to the layout and have high top tables so people can stand. Not everyone can sit in a folder chair all day! 

6-Create a Zen Den. Networking and conferencing can be exhausting. Create a space for people to recharge before their next session. Cue the calming music, dim lights and no talking!!