Client Spotlight: Nebraskans for Workers’ Compensation Equity & Fairness

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Sharing more about our clients has been a blast so far and we are excited for you to get to know another! The Nebraskans for Workers’ Compensation Equity & Fairness (NWCEF) joined us in 2018. This organization was set in place to analyze workers’ compensation laws and issues, and to seek equitable means of providing workers’ compensation coverage. The goal of NWCEF is to promote balance to workers’ compensation in Nebraska.


Members of NWCEF strongly believe in their mission. Their dues help NWCEF defend against trial lawyers and union initiatives, keeping insurance rates as low as possible. They also receive up to date information on Nebraska’s workers’ compensation system to better prepare them for any challenges. Members are provided members-only information, are able to participate in members-only discussions online, and are able to attend the annual seminar at no cost.


Here at Impact, we work hard to ensure things run smoothly for NWCEF. Our mission is to support their mission. Heather is the Executive Administrator for NWCEF and manages NWCEF’s inbox, financials, website updates, meetings, and member communication. Heather understands the needs of NWCEF and keeps an open line of communication in order to fulfill those needs.