Client Spotlight: Center for Operator Performance

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We have been incredibly grateful lately for all of the new clients coming our way. We always ensure that our current clients remain a priority especially during times of change for Impact. This week we are focusing on a client that we have had for almost a year now, the Center for Operator Performance (COP). The Center for Operator Performance is made up of industry, vendor, and academia representatives. This group concentrates their attention on human capabilities and limitations with research, collaboration, and human factors engineering.


Members of COP include companies such as BP, Chevron, CITGO, Emerson, and more. The founding member was Beville Engineering, Inc. COP provides many resources for both members and the public. On their website, you can find training videos, recommended books, and industry news.

Tammy is COP’s Executive Administrator. She handles financials, general email management, and anything the group comes to her with! They are a great group to work with and Tammy has enjoyed her time with them so far.