5 Quick Tips to Get Members Involved in a Committee

Associations are filled with members who have busy lives. Whether it be a strict work schedule, children to care for, or other personal obligations, members do not always have time to take on anymore responsibility. This can be an issue when trying to fill committee seats in your organization. If you are looking for volunteers, it is important to focus on how the position can benefit both the organization and the individual. Here are a few ways get members more involved in committees.


1.     Announce any openings. Make sure your members are aware of openings by spreading the word through email, meetings, and social media. Ensure that as many people as possible hear about the opening!

2.     Give it a trial run. After making the announcement about the opening, invite those interested to a meeting. Let the candidates see what they might be getting themselves into. This could relieve any worries about the position. It could also deter anyone that is not a good fit for the committee.

3.     Increase membership. If you are consistently having trouble finding members who want to get involved, it might be time to work on recruiting new members. Look for people who are eager to be a part of the organization and who have less time commitments. These people could be a great fit for committees.

4.     Approach good fits. Have the committee get together and discuss the type of person and skills needed. After this, compile a list of current members that fit that description. Once the list is complete, approach those members and ask if they would like to get more involved. This has potential to make the member feel special and more likely to join.

5.     Be upfront about what the member will gain. Knowing the time commitment of being on a committee, it is important to create a list of reasons for the member to join. This could be presented in a meeting, pamphlet, or even online. This might just be the final push a member needs.


After your list of candidates is narrowed down. Be clear about the expectations and responsibilities involved. Make sure the members are dedicated and you will have a full committee in no time.