3 Things to Improve your Member Luncheons

3 things to improve your member luncheons.png

Several of our clients hold a monthly member luncheon that typically includes a presentation and networking. Members, however, are often busy during their work days and find reasons not to attend. If you are looking to increase attendance and make those attending happier, give the following a try!

Surveys. Make sure to survey those that are attending after each meeting. Ask them about the food, presentation, and for any suggestions for future meetings. This is a great way to determine how satisfied members are with the current location, food quality, or content. The Board of Directors can discuss this feedback each month and make adjustments accordingly.


Giveaways. Have a small drawing each month. It can be a gift card or a small gift that relates to the season or speaker. Encourage sponsors or members to donate these from their business. This will save you money but gives people something to look forward to at each meeting.


Networking topics. Provide a list of networking topics to get your members chatting. They might find it uncomfortable to sit down and just jump into a conversation. Giving them a list of topics will make them feel more at ease about attending future meetings and will hopefully will allow them connect with those around them.


Make your member luncheons something to look forward to and something that is always evolving! Your members will be thanking you.