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Association Management Monday What exactly can a Virtual Assistant do for your non-profit, Board of Directors or Association?  The short answer is…. So… MANY… THINGS!

impact Virtual Services offers an extensive menu of services to non-profits and associations so you can focus on the big picture.

Here’s a sampling of what we do!

Website maintenance Board meetings Newsletter creation and distribution Full List of Services


Way Out Wednesday (1) IMPACT Virtual Services is re-vamping the way we do social media to better serve you with "Way-Out Wednesday"... every Wednesday on OUR BLOG!

In the 1950s, "Way-out" was an expression used when someone found a concept innovative.  We of course think IMPACT, the idea of Virtual Assistants or Virtual Executive Assistants is WAY OUT!  It's our business to make your business or non-profit association run more smoothly with on-demand and hourly assistance.

Founder and CEO Jodi Fisher loves the fusion of vintage 50s with her modern day technology.   You will see this peppered throughout our media!

Please follow us.  Share your thoughts.  Let's be social!  It is after all the "Way-out" means of modern communication!



IMPACT Virtual Services: Let's Get Social!

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impact Virtual Services is re-vamping its social media a bit to give you messages with PURPOSE!  We strive to help make your work life easier through the services and information we provide.  That is why each day of the week, you will find themed messages through our various social mediums to better serve you and guide you to the latest industry information.  Here is what you can expect:


“Association Management Mondays” (dedicated to current and future IMPACT Virtual Services non-profit association management clients)

Tuesdays “Tech Tuesdays” (dedicated to social media, web services and emerging technologies useful to you)


“Way Out Wednesdays” (dedicated to industry-relevant news for any business owner or association seeking Virtual Assistants or Virtual Executive Administrators)

Thursdays “IMPACT Job Jive” (dedicated to the most recent employment opportunities within the IMPACT Virtual Services team)

Friday “Fun Facts Friday” (this will take us wherever the mood takes us as we head into the weekend, but IMPACT Virtual Services assures you…. It will be FUN!)

impact Virtual Services was founded in 2006 to offer on-demand and hourly assistance to businesses and non-profit Associations.  It exclusively hires its Virtual Assistants/Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  The global headquarters is located in Madison, Wisconsin.  CONTACT SALES TEAM to hire your new VA/VEA!