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It’s Warm Out, Time to Leave the Office!

Since this seems like the longest winter in all of mankind, maybe it’s time we start thinking positive about the countdown to the spring and summer months!  All that I can think about right now is how I recently returned from a wonderful family vacation in Mexico (highly recommended) and how I just want to go right back!  Not because I don’t love what I do, but because these frigid temperatures that we’ve experienced this year need to come to an end. How about yourselves?  Are you looking forward to fresh cut flowers and warm sunny days, or are you more stressed about what your work load is going to look like, and what tasks you will need to accomplish to stay ahead of the game?  If the latter is true, you might want to consider what your options are to alleviate that stress and take some tasks off your plate in order to enjoy more of the sunshine, and appreciate the time you can spend with your family and friends.

sunny dayAfter many years of networking with a vast array of personalities, what I find most prevalent is that the majority of business owners tend to be overachievers and rarely take enough time for themselves.  For many of us, when we are able to break away from business, we get home to find the other part of life starts, which I tend to call my “nightshift.”  This is when you try to carve out time for kids, spouse, close friends, family, ETC.  Very seldom do we turn the “on” button “off,” but we definitely need to start.

If this concept hits too close to home, and you are wondering how you can solve the same time dilemmas many of us face, maybe it’s finally time to consider how a Virtual Assistant can benefit your personal life!  I am very confident that in doing so, this decision could lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Did you know Virtual Assistants (VA) are capable of the following benefits?

  • A VA can increase the manpower within your business without the expense of a full time employee.  They work from home or their own personal workspace, which means there are no overhead fees or taxes for your business, as they take care of their own.  You are also not responsible for paying for their benefits or vacation time.  How perfect is that?  When you need to get away from the office, you technically have someone still working for you.
  • VAs have fantastic networking resources which can further develop your own business.  They bring a reputable work history which accentuates your business skills and may advance your own personal knowledge of topics.  Maybe you didn’t know that Windows XP was going away for good, and now you will!
  • VAs are business owners themselves, which makes risk a mutual understanding.  My point is that there is a very low probability that anything would ever be sabotaged.  They are trying to earn a living just as hard as you are and will be very efficient because of that.
  • VAs are continuously upgrading their skills, at no cost to your business, to benefit their own business service offerings. Thus, a win-win for you and your business.
  • VAs give you the flexibility that you desire.  If you want to focus on building future clientele, you now can have the free time to focus on other things such as increased sales or running a promotion at a specific target audience.  All that you need to do is transfer some of your responsibilities and begin your plan of action.  If you wish to provide a higher level of service to a particular client, you now have the freedom to do that.  Your business now has growth options or you could even take some time off, and at a fraction of the cost that it would take for you to perform the administrative tasks yourself.
  • There is no need for overtime, as you pay VAs per project, or at an hourly rate, until the mission has been accomplished.  VAs will utilize their time wisely and charge you only for the time used to complete the work.

As winter finally winds down, and spring and summer months continue to bring us more warmth and longer days, try to remember that you don’t need to take on everything yourself!  There are plenty of options out there for you to utilize and maximize your business success.  Are you a person that is able to delegate tasks?  Are you organized?  Start compiling a list of what you can manage yourself and which options you could easily hand off.

Impact Virtual Services has the resources to assist in these solutions and can offer recommendations to accommodate your individual requests.  Just give us a call and maybe the next time your friends text you at the last minute to jump on their boat for the day, you will have the freedom to do just that, instead of being stuck behind a computer answering endless email trails.  Bring on the warmth and sunshine, it’s long overdue!!!

Who’s Ready To Unload Some Tasks For Summer?

Recently, I posted a (3) part series on deciding whether a Virtual Assistant (VA) was the best choice for your personal life or small business.  I thought I would follow-up to this series and further emphasize some other activities which Virtual Assistants are very helpful with.  It’s the big Q2 for most of us, and we’re heading into the nicest part of the year, summer!  Hiring a VA might free up some summer time which could be better spent on family activities or just making time for you!

  • Organization – VA’s have the benefit of working from their homes or an office location outside of your business.  They have the ability to work with online programs, create power point presentations, sort files, and turn tasks into more manageable, organized solutions.  They create precise details at first glance, versus trying to sort through hours of your own personal notes.  Seems like a great idea to me!
  • enjoy_summerSpecialization – Maybe your business deals with more specialized services such as real estate or tax issues?  Virtual Assistants can vary in background specialties.  Usually the more experienced will require a higher price tag, but if it saves yourself time, it can all be worth it.
  • Travel Plans – Does your job require a lot of traveling?  Is it time consuming for you to sit down, find the most cost-efficient flight, car rental, and hotel?  Well, VAs can perform these activities too.  This may seem minor to you, but if it saved you (4) hours a week, would it be worth it to you?  Especially if you figure your wages per hour in comparison to hiring the work, simple things like this can sometimes be a no-brainer.
  • Answering phones – Do you have a business that needs a live person at the end of it in order for the customer to always have a friendly voice to approach with a question?  Well, this is another role where VAs can be very successful.  Again, it saves you loads of time as this simply requires forwarding your phone and the rest is on them!
  • Blogs – Do you have a website that requires a blog, but you are sometimes too busy to write them?  Well, VAs can research topics and publish creative masterpieces for your clients’ viewing pleasure.  As the decision maker for your business, you of course have final say in the content of these articles.  Given the minor task of advising of the final touches, in comparison to writing an article from scratch, will absolutely save you time and money.  Who knows, you and your clients might very much enjoy this new creative perspective VAs can bring to your business.
  • Website Updates – We all want the most innovative and interactive, up-to-date website, but who has time to always post the latest and greatest?  Guess what?  A VA can do this too!  This requires a little more direction regarding your goals and target audience that you wish to reach, as well as a more specialized VA background, but definitely a great task to hire out.

These are just a few of the many activities that VAs can be available for and able to assist with regarding your small business needs.  I’m also excited to make the point that Impact Virtual Services can offer all of these services to you and would be pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss the demands of your small business and how we can offer the most practical solutions.  We’re approaching summer time and this means it’s time to get out and enjoy the weather.  We all work way too hard, year-round, so take advantage of these opportunities and let us know how we can help save you time and money.