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TECH TUESDAY: GET ORGANIZED! Why Project Management Software is Answer!

Busy business owners and non-profit associations juggle many projects, but cannot necessarily track all the information going into those projects in their brilliant minds.  Enter in, project management software.  That, is what we’re talking about this week in impact Virtual Service’s “Tech Tuesday!”

IMPACT VIRTUAL SERVICES: Way Out Wednesday, Whatcha' Workin' With?

Way Out Wednesday (1) Whatcha Workin’ With:  Best Tools VAs Should Use for YOU

We promised you innovation every week for, "Way Out Wednesday" and we shall deliver. The internet paves the way for more remote employees to connect with companies, non-profits, associations and entrepreneurs these days.  WHEN you choose to enlist the services of Virtual Assistant or Virtual Executive Administrator with impact Virtual Services, it’s reasonable to expect your VA or VEA has access to and expertise in the BEST tools to support you.

Founder and CEO of impact Virtual Services Jodi Fisher says, “Our VEAs stay on top of industry trends for all areas of business.  This is what MUST be done in order to remain relevant and best serve our clients.”

Fisher and our friends at share some of the industry favorite tools:

UberConference  is a powerful and advanced cloud-based conferencing system. This web conferencing tool include features like online data management, shared calendar programs, shared files, and the ability to stay in contact no matter the distance between the employee and employer. It is built on WebRTC in order to allow real-time call control, across a variety of carriers on one side and the browsers on the other side.

Basecamp is popular web based project management tools. Easy to use, this tool provides 60 days free trials. This tool helps us to manage, store, and share files. You can use it for task management and time tracking.

Dropbox This popular tool is used in day to day virtual assistant business. This excellent cloud storage solution provides instant file synchronization. When you hire your VA, you can sync a folder or file from your computer and share it with your VA. This free app makes file sharing and work collaboration quite easy.  FULL ARTICLE HERE

impact Virtual Services exclusively hires its Virtual Assistants/Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  Its global headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin.  CONTACT SALES TEAM to hire your new VEA!



Think Fast Thursday impact Virtual Services introduces, "Think Fast Thursday!"

In keeping with our vintage 50s/modern tech fusion feel, we pulled another popular catch phrase from the 50s era!  "Think Fast" was what someone would say before they toss something to you!  It was a fun, playful and attention-getting phrase.

Every Thursday, we will throw your way a new Virtual Assistant job posting!  We are always looking for the BEST of the BEST VAs, or as we call them, “Virtual Executive Administrators” or VEAs.

So, don’t forget to surf our media pages and THINK FAST!!!!!