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FUN FACTS FRIDAY: O-Daddy O! Vintage/Tech Fusion for Impact Virtual Services

The workplace can be stressful.

IMPACT Virtual Services chooses to mix in some fun for a nice balance!

That is why we are introducing you to a new weekly series of fun, funky and sometimes freaky facts pertaining to IMPACT Virtual Services and the Virtual Assistant/Virtual Executive Administrator industry.

THINK FAST THURSDAY: Impact Virtual Services is HIRING!

"THINK FAST!"  It's what they would say in the 50s when someone was about to throw something your way.  So.... THINK FAST! impact Virtual Services is HIRING!  We are looking for the very best of the best to bring on as Virtual Executive Administrators with expertise in non-profit management, association management, support for small and medium-sized businesses, support for entrepreneurs and social media mavens!  Oh-Daddy-Oh, if you think you've got what it takes... CLICK HERE!

WAY OUT WEDENESDAY: Leveraging a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

In the 50s, the popular phrase, "Way Out" meant "innovative."  impact Virtual Services loves that era, the phrase and its meaning.  That is why every Wednesday, we devote our social media communication to innovative ideas through the "Way Out Wednesday" BLOG Series.

This week, how to leverage a virtual assistant or Virtual Executive Administrator (VEA) to build your small business is our focus!

TECH Tuesday: Make Your Business Tech-Savvy

Any business you start requires... technology.  We are dedicated each Tuesday at impact Virtual Servicesin our blog series, "Tech Tuesday" to share with you what's happening with technology and how trends may impact YOU!  So, this week we will cyber chat with you on how to make YOUR business Tech-savvy!


Way Out Wednesday (1) IMPACT Virtual Services is re-vamping the way we do social media to better serve you with "Way-Out Wednesday"... every Wednesday on OUR BLOG!

In the 1950s, "Way-out" was an expression used when someone found a concept innovative.  We of course think IMPACT, the idea of Virtual Assistants or Virtual Executive Assistants is WAY OUT!  It's our business to make your business or non-profit association run more smoothly with on-demand and hourly assistance.

Founder and CEO Jodi Fisher loves the fusion of vintage 50s with her modern day technology.   You will see this peppered throughout our media!

Please follow us.  Share your thoughts.  Let's be social!  It is after all the "Way-out" means of modern communication!



IMPACT Virtual Services: Let's Get Social!

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impact Virtual Services is re-vamping its social media a bit to give you messages with PURPOSE!  We strive to help make your work life easier through the services and information we provide.  That is why each day of the week, you will find themed messages through our various social mediums to better serve you and guide you to the latest industry information.  Here is what you can expect:


“Association Management Mondays” (dedicated to current and future IMPACT Virtual Services non-profit association management clients)

Tuesdays “Tech Tuesdays” (dedicated to social media, web services and emerging technologies useful to you)


“Way Out Wednesdays” (dedicated to industry-relevant news for any business owner or association seeking Virtual Assistants or Virtual Executive Administrators)

Thursdays “IMPACT Job Jive” (dedicated to the most recent employment opportunities within the IMPACT Virtual Services team)

Friday “Fun Facts Friday” (this will take us wherever the mood takes us as we head into the weekend, but IMPACT Virtual Services assures you…. It will be FUN!)

impact Virtual Services was founded in 2006 to offer on-demand and hourly assistance to businesses and non-profit Associations.  It exclusively hires its Virtual Assistants/Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  The global headquarters is located in Madison, Wisconsin.  CONTACT SALES TEAM to hire your new VA/VEA!


IMPACT FUN FACTS FRIDAY: Daddy-O! Vintage/Mod Fusion!

Fun Facts Friday with The workplace can be stressful.

IMPACT Virtual Services chooses to mix in some fun for a nice balance!

That is why we are introducing you to a new weekly series of fun, funky and sometimes freaky facts pertaining to IMPACT Virtual Services and the Virtual Assistant/Virtual Executive Administrator industry.

IMPACT Virtual Services Founder & CEO Jodi Fisher loves, and we mean LOVES the style fusion of 50s vintage and modern technology.  You will see this "feel" splashed throughout our company brand!

So, Daddy-O (means of addressing a person such as "dude" or "lady"), we will check in with you next Friday for another IMPACT FUN FACT!

Have a great weekend!

IMPACT Virtual Services is HIRING the BEST of the BEST!

Now Hiring!

IMPACT Virtual Services is HIRING!

Now Hiring!

An Insightful Reminder to the Endless Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Part II

Last month I had published some reminders on the endless benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants (VAs).  If you haven’t been sold just yet, here are a few more!  VAs really can make life so much easier; whether it’s for a small business, large business, or just to alleviate stress in your personal life.  Check out a few more helpful pointers that might just sway your decision.  Especially on days like today, when its 80 degrees and you want to get out for that hike at the lake, motorcycle ride, or even simply, a long walk with the dog. More simple reminders on the many benefits to hiring a VA:

  • Most tasks performed by an employee, can be performed by a VA.  This is a given.  VAs come with all specializations and backgrounds/skill sets.  They may even have a greater skill set than your own employees!
  • lakeVAs tend to have their own network of resources, saving you time and money.  When you hire someone with a specialized skill set, they accumulated those skills through their own network of friends and past experiences.  When you have a particular task that needs to be accomplished, you not only have the assistant to perform the task, they bring their own resources to perform the job correctly.
  • VAs can bring solutions to your problems.  Are you not feeling creative today?  Do you have a PowerPoint that must be finalized by the end of the week?  Well, what better way to accomplish a goal than to obtain someone else’s perspective?  Might just be the open door to new clients and flourishing business opportunities.
  • No strangers in your home.  If you work from home, hiring a VA means that you won’t need to deal with the headaches of having strangers in your home.  They work from their own office.
  • No obligations.  I would certainly recommend screening your VAs to verify all credentials, but the best thing is: if you are not fond of them, you have no obligations to keep them.  As well, VAs can be hired for short term assignments.  Sometimes quick and easy isn’t a bad thing.
  • VAs are professionals.  All good VAs have past corporate experiences.  In addition, they have the experience of being a business owner themselves.  Again, another way to get a great perspective on your tasks, and professional solutions to your processes.
  • Stop paying for breaks.   VAs bill for project work by project or by the hour.  They do not charge for breaks and they are able to focus on each project, saving you project costs and ensuring deadlines are met within your proposed budget.
  • Need to relocate?  One of the best benefits! What if you have to move?  Guess what?  You already have your VA base and considering they work from their own office, this means no additional moving expenses for your business where the VA is concerned.  You move and they stay where they are at!

Again, these are just a few of the simple reminders as to how Virtual Assistants can positively change the work flow at your business or increase the quality of life that you wish to have for yourself.  Are you dreaming of that seven day vacation or even just a long weekend away from work?  Impact Virtual Services can help with this decision making process and guide you in the best direction which will assist your needs most efficiently.  Make an appointment with us today.   We’d love to be part of your solution.

Who’s Ready To Unload Some Tasks For Summer?

Recently, I posted a (3) part series on deciding whether a Virtual Assistant (VA) was the best choice for your personal life or small business.  I thought I would follow-up to this series and further emphasize some other activities which Virtual Assistants are very helpful with.  It’s the big Q2 for most of us, and we’re heading into the nicest part of the year, summer!  Hiring a VA might free up some summer time which could be better spent on family activities or just making time for you!

  • Organization – VA’s have the benefit of working from their homes or an office location outside of your business.  They have the ability to work with online programs, create power point presentations, sort files, and turn tasks into more manageable, organized solutions.  They create precise details at first glance, versus trying to sort through hours of your own personal notes.  Seems like a great idea to me!
  • enjoy_summerSpecialization – Maybe your business deals with more specialized services such as real estate or tax issues?  Virtual Assistants can vary in background specialties.  Usually the more experienced will require a higher price tag, but if it saves yourself time, it can all be worth it.
  • Travel Plans – Does your job require a lot of traveling?  Is it time consuming for you to sit down, find the most cost-efficient flight, car rental, and hotel?  Well, VAs can perform these activities too.  This may seem minor to you, but if it saved you (4) hours a week, would it be worth it to you?  Especially if you figure your wages per hour in comparison to hiring the work, simple things like this can sometimes be a no-brainer.
  • Answering phones – Do you have a business that needs a live person at the end of it in order for the customer to always have a friendly voice to approach with a question?  Well, this is another role where VAs can be very successful.  Again, it saves you loads of time as this simply requires forwarding your phone and the rest is on them!
  • Blogs – Do you have a website that requires a blog, but you are sometimes too busy to write them?  Well, VAs can research topics and publish creative masterpieces for your clients’ viewing pleasure.  As the decision maker for your business, you of course have final say in the content of these articles.  Given the minor task of advising of the final touches, in comparison to writing an article from scratch, will absolutely save you time and money.  Who knows, you and your clients might very much enjoy this new creative perspective VAs can bring to your business.
  • Website Updates – We all want the most innovative and interactive, up-to-date website, but who has time to always post the latest and greatest?  Guess what?  A VA can do this too!  This requires a little more direction regarding your goals and target audience that you wish to reach, as well as a more specialized VA background, but definitely a great task to hire out.

These are just a few of the many activities that VAs can be available for and able to assist with regarding your small business needs.  I’m also excited to make the point that Impact Virtual Services can offer all of these services to you and would be pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss the demands of your small business and how we can offer the most practical solutions.  We’re approaching summer time and this means it’s time to get out and enjoy the weather.  We all work way too hard, year-round, so take advantage of these opportunities and let us know how we can help save you time and money.

My Needs Expand Beyond My Business! (Part I)

Is it possible to need a Virtual Assistant (VA) for a matter other than business needs? We normally think of Virtual Assistants as personnel needed to accomplish business requests on a small or large-scale basis, but what if you needed someone to help you with the “smaller things in life”?

In thinking more in depth on this subject, I thought it would be helpful to write a series of blogs on this exact subject.  The first will touch base on what tasks I’m referencing as “smaller things in life,” and then follow up articles will address how to manage these lists and tasks, as well as ways to search for a Virtual Assistant that best fits your needs.

When I say “smaller things in life,” just what am I referring to?

  • By saying small, I mean simple.  These are not necessarily business related tasks that correlate with your day job, but are more focused on the tasks you need to get done around the home.  Start off by making a listYou don’t need to worry about categorizing anything at this point, just write down everything that you can think of that you need to do in a day, a week, or a month.  Examples from my life would be: run the kids to football, do the dishes, wash the laundry, sort the bills, pay the bills, cook dinner, write thank you letters for a recent benefit, get the oil in the car changed, buy batteries for the wireless mouse, and grocery shop (just to name a few)!
  • Next we reach the categorize step.  This means take everything from above and separate into main categories.  For example, you may use home/personal/work/office/kids/dog.  Once you have the main categories, you can start organizing your tasks into the appropriate categories.  Be sure to be detailed but not overly crazy at this point.  If you have a chore that overlaps with another category such as buy treats (this could be for the kids or the dog), then make sure to write that detail down.  Why are we doing all of this? Well, you want to ensure that we are finding a VA that is specific to your needs and your budget and this will help figure that out.
  • Lastly, you need to delegate.  What do I mean by this? Well, think really hard about which tasks you could let someone do for you and which you would obviously only do yourself.  If you know that you are the only one that can drive your sexy stick shift car, then you are probably the one that is going to take it in for an oil change.  Delegating activities can be hard, especially if you are the type of person that wants to do everything yourself.  That is when you have to realize that you started this process for a reason, and you made it this far, so keep going!  Take the time to review your lists and make notes next to the most important tasks that you could ask someone else to do.  Your lists may change and this is not a bad thing.  Once you narrow down the activities that you are set on having someone else complete for you, then you’re ready for the next step.

At this point I’ve asked you to brainstorm all of the activities that you can see yourself asking someone else to do, whether they are big or small, and sorted them into categories.  In my next write-up, I’ll offer ways to manage these lists and if you see fit, how to search for a Virtual Assistant that best fits what I call, the “smaller things in life.”

Are you bogged down in everyday life?  Would it be a blessing to have someone organize your bills or even run to the grocery store for you?  Well, if this sounds like your life, you’ll want to check back next month for new developments on how to make this a reality!