Why We Choose Virtual

People think I never stopTop 3 Reasons Why Our Assistants Choose Virtual Working virtually is not for everyone. But for those who feel held back by working in a traditional office setting, it is the perfect solution to allow them to thrive! At IMPACT we conduct an extensive and diverse interview process before adding new team members. This helps us identify those who are most successful when given the freedom and independence to achieve all their goals and then some. Why are our Virtual Assistants (VA's) so successful?

Ability to choose when to work on projects. We all have peak productivity at different times during the day. By working independently, our Virtual Assistants have the flexibility to develop the most efficient schedule possible. We have team members who do research projects at 11pm and others who do their data entry at 5am. Many of our VA’s felt they weren’t doing their best work at a traditional 9-5 job. Of course many things are still time sensitive and we always work around our clients’ schedules. But most clients honestly don’t care when the work is getting done as long as it is on time and quality, which it always is!

More freedom, more happiness. I think we can all agree that when employees that are happy, they do their best work. We know our VA’s have families, hobbies, and other commitments outside of work. We know our team does incredible work for clients, even when they have a ballet recital to work around once in a while. We find that this trust pays off and we can prove it by our dedicated, hardworking staff and happy clients.

Uninterrupted work. Yes, human interaction is important. But so is uninterrupted work! How many times have you thought about how much you could get done if coworkers stopped popping into your office with a question? Or have you ever worked from home one day because you really needed to get a project done? This is what our Virtual Assistants get to do every day! Productivity is our middle name.

We’re virtual-ish! We have customized our business to accommodate those who need their Assistant in person, because we know this can be a huge help. The majority of our team is local and they often meet with their clients once a month for a board meeting or event. We also have a spacious office where Assistants can hold their own meetings or simply come work in the office environment if they choose to. We support the needs of our clients and team, and it’s paying off big!