When Times Slow Down, Does Your Business Move Forward?

As Fall begins to wind down and we bring this season to a close, it’s that time when we start thinking of all of the activities that the Holidays will soon bring. Do you own a business that has outstanding revenue from the summer months, such as a store near a beach setting, or waterfront restaurant? If this happens to be your situation, hopefully you had a very successful season of booming business, even if you’ve had little downtime to actually brainstorm your future business goals and upcoming profitable ideas. Maybe you find yourself on the opposite scope of this scenario and are in a business that doesn’t have a busy season until winter begins? If this is geared toward you, it’s always important to keep those wheels spinning on how to not only retain your favorite clientele, but how you can also continue to grow your customer base.

As a business owner, I can honestly admit that I’ve encountered both ends of the autumnspectrum. Here are a few tips that I would suggest to make the most of the months when you have a little more spare time than normal. Some of these can actually be extremely simple, beneficial, and super fun!

Tips to Take Advantage of Down Time:

  • Take advantage of learning something new! There are so many social media sites now days, are you familiar with them all? Have you ever heard of Vine or Instagram? Maybe it’s time you sign up and start the world of uploads.
  • Have your customers send pictures from their summer or winter vacations. Post the pictures on your favorite social media website in coming months and remind them of what they have to look forward to next year. This keeps you engaged in their lifestyles and demonstrates your loyalty to them as well.
  • Update your cover page on Facebook to reflect seasonal changes that relate to your business. An easy one: If you are in the gardening business, something pumpkin related in the fall, and tulips in the spring. This shows you are trendy and keeping up with what is popular at that time.
  • Offer a “Join My Mailing List” at the top of your website and set up creative newsletters.
  • Run specials or brainstorm specials for upcoming months. Never discount too much and if you are offering specials through websites such as Groupon.com, set limits to how many deals can be purchased.
  • Grow your email list of contacts. This can be as simple as dropping off a paper sign-up list at your favorite coffee shop, hair salon, or restaurant. Ask for a name and email address, and even hometown. This would show if they’ve learned about your business locally, or maybe instead while they’re on vacation.
  • Take advantage of review sites such as Yelp, where personal recommendations and reviews could take your business to the next level of success.

These are just a few of the ideas to keep your clientele interested and engaged when you might not be having the busiest of times at your small business. Whether you are busy year round or a more seasonal business, all of these points can be helpful in increasing sales, or spreading your qualifications by word of mouth.

You should be able to take a few of these tips away and get a head start on coming up with that next Groupon, or idea on how to market that special sauce ingredient. And in the meantime, enjoy and have a safe rest of your Autumn.