We're Engaged!

ringAnd you should be too! Engaging your clients, customers, and even staff members creates community, loyalty to your brand and conversation. While many platforms and resources are free to use, it does take time. Below are some reasons why we think investing in your social media presence is a smart decision and ideas of how to develop quality content.

engageAsk questions. People love giving their opinion, even if it’s a fun, lighthearted question. Ask your followers questions and get to know them. Collecting information from your audience is priceless. You’ll begin to notice trends and most likely you’ll get some honest answers/feedback!

Criticism isn’t always a bad thing. When you know there has been a wrong, you have been given the opportunity to make it right! Rather than someone having a bad experience and never coming back, they may choose to tell you about it. Don’t react in a negative or defensive way—others are watching! Commit to making it right, your followers will respect you for accepting responsibility. You rely on your customers and clients to tell you what you could be doing better and social media has created this casual platform for us to communicate these issues.

Get the conversation started. Encourage people to talk about their experience working with your business. But remember to add in some fun stuff too! Evoke memories. Do you own a Hair Salon? Ask followers about their favorite hairstyle from the past (don’t forget to add images!). People don’t want to be sold to 100% of the time. Offer them advice and become a resource. When people receive something of value for free, they are more likely to pay you for your services in the future.

Participate. Don’t be some mysterious Oz behind the curtain! You have a personality and so does your business. Use common sense and if you’re about to make a comment or joke that has the potential to be taken the wrong way, always play it safe! Your business page should be different than your personal page and interactions with close friends and family. Keep it clean, professional and positive!

Promote others; create a community. Want to gain new followers and partners in your community? Support those around you! Share community events that relate to your mission or business in some way. Tag, mention, share, and give shout-outs! Your fellow business owners will be appreciative and will likely return the favor. It’s also a great way to get your business name in front of new people—potential customers!

Don’t look at social media as a platform simply for advertising. It’s a place to have a conversation, tell your story and engage loyal customers. This isn’t something you can fake! Customers and clients are looking for genuine, quality and consistent content. People have a lot of options when it comes to who they give their business to. First impressions are important and keeping them engaged is key!