Welcome to the Team!

We have added a Director of Operations to our team. We've had the pleasure of working with Emily before, and couldn't be happier to have her jump right in! 

Emily is qualified in project management and non-profit administration with a focus on event and meeting planning. Extensive fundraising experience with several organizations both on the west coast and in Madison has laid a solid groundwork for volunteer, member and staff coordination with an emphasis on customer service. Emily is extremely devoted to sustain the organizational mission, values and branding of her clients through all marketing mediums and personal creative vision.  

In her free time Emily enjoys renovating houses with her husband, practicing yoga and visiting her family in Colorado.

We're also still looking for qualified VEAs and VAs. If you fit the bill - or know someone who does - drop us an email or give us a call. More details can be found here.

Again, welcome (back) Emily, have a great week, everyone!