WAY OUT WEDNESDAY: Pimp Your Biz on Periscope!

Way Out Wednesday NEW
Way Out Wednesday NEW

In the 50s, the popular phrase, "Way Out" meant "innovative."  impact Virtual Services loves that era, the phrase and its meaning.  That is why every Wednesday, we devote our social media communication to innovative ideas through the "Way Out Wednesday" BLOG Series.

This week, Pimping Your Business on Periscope.

Wait, what is Periscope?  Gaw!  ALL the VEAs (Virtual Executive Administrators or Virtual Assistants) at impact Virtual Servicesknow!

Periscope is an app used to stream live video.  According to our friends at Entrepreneur.com, it took only ten days to hit 1 million users; and four months after its launch date, the app was enjoying 10 million users. Even more staggering than the size of this user base is the amount of content users are consuming: 40 years of content is viewed every day on Periscope. Yes . . . 40 years.

So, our 5 Reasons to use Periscope for your business:

1. An unsaturated market

2. Real-time engagement

3. A showcase for the real you

4. Unlimited business opportunities

5. A whole new follower base

In truth, Entrepreneur.com offers up SIX reasons, but our Founder and CEO Jodi Fisher's favorite, lucky ducky number is five so.... if you' like to read more along with reason #6, you can READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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