Vintage Vibes

You may have noticed our vintage vibe at Impact. We gravitated towards this brand for multiple reasons. We wouldn’t describe our company as traditional. Our employees don’t sit in their desks from 9-5. We don’t hold weekly meetings whether they’re beneficial or not. Our structure is a little out of the box and guess what—it works! While we believe we are innovative as far as business practice, our ethics are still strongly tied to some old school practices.  

Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work 

We pride ourselves in being a transparent company. We don’t want to convince a client to work with us. We recognize it’s not always the right fit and that’s okay. There is no point in either party wasting time, energy and resources to force fit.  

Honesty is important to us and we expect it from our clients as well. The only way we can provide the best possible service to our clients is if we have honest feedback. We’re straight forward as well. If we’re walking into a situation where things are frankly a mess, we’ll be honest that it’s going to take time to put things back together. If we need better communication in order to do our job, we’ll let you know it’s holding us back.  

 Yes, we have fun and value our lives outside of work. We believe in work/life balance. But when we are working for our clients, we are 100% engaged and efficient. Work hard, play hard!