Tips for Success with your Virtual Assistant!

stopIf you are adding an assistant to your team for the first time it can take some time to determine the best way to work together. However, having a Virtual Assistant is a little different than an “in house” administrator. You can’t pop in to check on things, you can’t see when they are working and when they aren’t and they often have multiple clients they are working with—not just you! So how in the world does this all work and why have so many people found that hiring a VA is the best thing they have ever done for their career? Below are the things we have found are best to AVOID when working with your Virtual Assistant.

vaLack of communication. At IMPACT, we understand that a high level of effective communication is the key to success in the virtual world! It starts with honestly and clearly stating preferences for communicating questions and follow up. Email only? Text in an emergency? Always call first? There is nothing worse than having to sit and wonder whether or not someone received your email. We work to establish protocol for these everyday situations so no one is kept in the dark.

Vague feedback. Virtual Assistants are all about efficiency. Don’t be afraid to give clear and honest feedback about their work. Rather than saying you want the presentation to look “professional”, explain what exactly that means to you. This will set your assistant up for success and they will quickly learn the voice and style of your business.

Micromanaging. This is your business, and it’s hard to give up control. But this is part of the reason why you took the leap to investing in a Virtual Assistant, it will pay off if you commit! We work hard to find only the best Virtual Assistants who not only have the technical skills but also the right attitude, personality and work style for this industry. Getting to know your VA can help develop that trust and free up more of your time by limiting the urge to micromanage.

Quantity vs. quality. It’s tempting, but paying for a low quality assistant will cost you more time, money and frustration in the long run. Trusting your business to someone should not be taken lightly. When working with IMPACT virtual services you can rest assured that we have done the preliminary work of hiring qualified assistants and our team is here as a back-up and support for anything that may come up.

The number one thing you should avoid in order to achieve success through working with a Virtual Assistant is the act of doing nothing. If you are even considering adding a Virtual Assistant to your team, congratulations on being proactive and taking control! Outsourcing tasks that you don’t have time for, aren’t the best at or simply don’t like to do will improve your life professionally and personally. By keeping these tips in mind you are sure to set you and your Virtual Assistant up for success!