TECH Tuesday: Make Your Business Tech-Savvy

Tech Tuesday NEW
Tech Tuesday NEW

Any business you start requires... technology.  We are dedicated each Tuesday at impact Virtual Servicesin our blog series, "Tech Tuesday" to share with you what's happening with technology and how trends may impact YOU!  So, this week we will cyber chat with you on how to make YOUR business Tech-savvy!

"Our Virtual Executive Administrators (VEAs) use the latest and greatest technology to serve our clients," Founder and CEO of impact Virtual Services Jodi Fisher said.  "Our VEAs know so many systems and can introduce to you what will work best for the tasks at hand."

Fisher and our friends at agree technology is crucial to any well-run business.  That includes the systems you use and having a tech or online presence.

"We have an entire division devoted to social media services for our clients," said Fisher.  "Those VEAs have the most amazing skills and ideas to grow our clients' business!"


impactVirtual Services exclusively hires its Virtual Assistants/Virtual Executive Administrators from within the U.S.  Its global headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin.  CONTACT SALES TEAM to hire your new VEA!