TECH TUESDAY: GET ORGANIZED! Why Project Management Software is Answer!

Tech Tuesday NEW
Tech Tuesday NEW

Busy business owners and non-profit associations juggle many projects, but cannot necessarily track all the information going into those projects in their brilliant minds.  Enter in, project management software.  That, is what we’re talking about this week in impact Virtual Service’s “Tech Tuesday!”

“The key to success is staying organized,” said Jodi Fisher, Founder and CEO of impact Virtual Services based in Madison, Wisconsin.  “We are updating our own project management software as we speak!  This is how we stay ahead of the curve in the Virtual Assistant industry.”

Fisher and our friends at tell us WHY project management software is a really, Really, REALLY good idea:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Clear Project Overiew
  • Free Trials
  • Cost Effective for Smaller Businesses and Non-Profit Associations

“We have our favorites the Virtual Executive Administrators of VEAs use with clients,” Fisher said.  “We make recommendations on our favorites of course and explain why certain programs work better than others for our client needs.”

Favorite programs include:  Zoho Projects, LiquidPlanner, TeamWork and others.

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