Facebook TIMELINE for Brand Pages: How To Get Started

Recently we wrote an article about how Facebook was converting individual user pages to their new “Timeline” format.  In true Facebook fashion, they just announced the same change is scheduled for brand (company) pages. The idea is basically the same, but here is some information you need to know about this update to your brand page and how to get started.

Do It On Your Own “Timeline” This is a big change for your brand page. That means you want to control when it happens and ensure your page will look as you want it to for its launch in the new look and feel.

Keep in mind your time to make the change yourself is limited! If you don't change your brand page layout by March 30th (only 3 weeks away!) Facebook will do it for you automatically.

How To Get Started?

1. Put up a fantastic cover photo This new layout allows you to feature a large header image on your brand page.  Make it count! This is an excellent new feature as it gives you more control of what your page looks like and what users see when they visit your brand page. Here are some ideas on how to utilize that space:

  • If your product is very visual, feature it!
  • Set the tone for your page with an image that represents the look and feel for your company.
  • If your company has great employees or you want to promote company culture, feature your company & its members! (This is a great place to show the company in action, at a fun event, or doing great work.)

Facebook has rules on what you CAN'T use as a cover photo:

  • No price, purchase or discount information
  • No contact information (that should go in the About section)
  • No calls to action or references to Facebook features/actions (e.g. Like, Share)

2. Choose your featured content Facebook has given you more control of what a user sees when they visit your page, not just with the cover photo but with other content such as apps, featured posts (you can pin them to the top, but keep in mind they will only stay there for 7 days before they are automatically removed/replaced). Use these features!

3. Use milestones for your Timeline Since the main purpose of this new Timeline layout is to show the history of your company over time, use that feature and fill out key milestones for your business. Ensure that the timeline accurately reflects the past and your story!

4. Use a great new feature: PRIVATE MESSAGES It is finally allowed for brand pages (companies) to communicate privately with users.  This personal line of communication is something that Facebook for brands had been missing. Now that it is available, use it! This allows you to keep your brand page clean and de-cluttered.    Promote users to communicate with you individually on customer inquiries, and other personal questions so that your brand page can feature content that is supposed to be for all users. Your brand page has a lot going on, keep it de-cluttered and focused.