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Social Media Tools For Your New Year's Resolutions

I can hardly believe that the year has already passed us by.  It’s amazing how time goes by so quickly.  When you think about this past year in review, were you able to accomplish all of your personal goals?  Did you lose those last 10lbs from your weight-loss goals, did you save up that extra $1,000 for your spring trip to Punta Cana next year, and did you take all of the time you had promised yourself, to spend with your precious families? How about your business goals?  Were you able to grow your business all four quarters?  If you encountered down time, were you able to polish your skills and make use of that idle time or did you just sit back and enjoy the break?  A better question yet, how prepared are you now for the year to come?  How will you change up your business strategies and financial goals, or do you even need to change your strategies in 2014 to stand out with your targeted market?

Let’s talk about goals for the New Year and how social media may help to accomplish your resolutions!

If you haven’t jumped aboard the social media train, it’s never too late and I highly recommend that you start sooner than later.   Consider the following tools to enhance your New-Year-Resolutions1client base and presence within your specialty.

  • Google Plus – Build relationships on Google Plus.  This may not seem important to your business until you realize that every relationship you build can extend your reach and help you become visible.  Let’s say that you establish a relationship with another company in Florida.  You have a mutual product which you both sell.  When you build your relationship with this company in Florida, the company in Florida can then vocalize where to buy that product in Wisconsin, and add clientele that you would have never expected otherwise.  Offer great content on Google Plus and increase your search engine optimization (SEO).   Google Plus is growing everyday!  According to GlobalWebIndex, 25% of worldwide internet users are now active on Google Plus.  My point?  Get on board!
  • LinkedIn – This is a professional networking website that opens many doors and connections, but you must understand why it works.  If you use it correctly as a professional platform versus a social platform, you will obtain the best results.  Profiles on LinkedIn are hybrids of resumes, websites, blogs, and Facebook pages.  Use LinkedIn to prospect, research, and engage the quality clients or professionals which you would want to meet and would want to meet you.  Interact with future prospects and support activity within their groups.  Join new groups to learn even more about your business.  I’m amazed constantly at how much free information is out there that you can acquire about your business.
  • Facebook – What better way to advertise at a low cost, than with Facebook?   You already know how addicted people are to this tool.  Create a business page and display helpful hints, post specials that you are running on products, and best yet, be sure to add customer testimonials.  This is a way, with minimal cost, to reach out to a large audience.  The business page of Facebook also comes equipped with automated statistics.  At the end of each month, you can see how many viewers responded to your posts, how frequent the activity occurred, and your total number of viewers, just to mention a few of the stats offered.

These are just a few of the social media tools offered that can help increase your visibility and help lead to a very successful first quarter.  Of course the internet can’t perform all of the work for you, as you must be able to post your own research and information, but it can sure help!  If you are in a bind for time, there are even more simple and time saving tools such as Hootsuite or Nimble, which allow you to manage the content that is posted, for multiple websites.  If you are an ambitious person, you have endless avenues to bring attention to your business.  As with everything, it all takes hard work and continued dedication.

As the New Year quickly approaches us, I encourage you to set your goals high.  Push yourself and see where your creativity leads.  Make it your best year yet and continue to think BIG!  The sky is the limit.

Happy New Year and best of luck with your resolutions!

Staying Ahead with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with current colleagues and make business connections. However, like other social media tools, developers are constantly changing and upgrading the site to stay competitive and give users even more great ways to interact. The following article offers a brief summary of some of the most recent changes to this site and how they might affect current LinkedIn users. New Criteria for a 100% Profile Having a LI profile that is 100% complete plays a significant role in search engine rankings. In the past, a profile would be deemed 100% only after all the vital information was completed, which included the need for at least three recommendations. While having valid recommendations is a great resource on a LinkedIn page, often this requirement would lead people to obtain recommendations from friends and family members. The recommendation requirement has now been replaced with the need to have at least 50 connections.

Absence of Tweets Up until just recently, LI users who also had a Twitter page were able to automatically feed their tweets to LinkedIn. While this function gave users the ability to easily and regularly populate two social media sources at one time, it was not always with business relevant content. While you can still send LinkedIn updates to Twitter, you will not longer be able to share your Tweets on LinkedIn.

Updated Profile Layout In addition to the above changes, LinkedIn is also in the process of updating its current profile page layouts. There will be many small changes, however one of the most noticeable will be the larger profile picture. This makes finding a good picture even more important. Using a casual cropped photo might still work, but the larger photo makes it even more important to find a relevant photo or even professional headshot.

In addition to the larger photo size, the summary content is also going to play a more important role on your LI page in coming days. It will no longer be appropriate to repost a copy of your resume’. Instead, content should be search engine optimized to make it easy to find your page. It is recommended that you take the same care with the content of your LI profile as you would with a website. This means your page will have an appropriate mix of keywords to help it come to the top of the search engine heap.

Finally, other elements of the page layout are also being updated. For example, job titles will no longer appear in the brief overview next to the photo. This space is reserved for the names of current and recent employers, as well as educational institutions. Furthermore, contact information, including websites, email, Twitter handle and phone number, are now located behind the contact button beneath the profile photo.

Today’s social media tools create a whole new way to conduct business. While five years ago a profile on LinkedIn might have seemed like a passing fad or another fading business trend, this online networking tool is proving itself to be a relevant and vital way to conduct business in the 21st century.