motivate in your workplace

Are You a Leader In the Workplace?

Are you the happy employee that is always feeling challenged and motivates others to do better or are you the employee that comes to work every day to simply perform your daily routine tasks and then go home to your personal life?  Both concepts are absolutely situational as far as how you will personally benefit the most, but wouldn’t it bring more enrichment into your life to be the one that others look to for direction?  Effective leadership is a very important skill in the professional world.  Are you a good communicator?  Do you motivate others?  Do you have the ability to solve problems in an instant?  Now, keep in mind that not everyone is born this way.  Even the best of the best have engaged in leadership courses and seminars.  Coursework can offer intensive training for collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking.  leadership All skills, once learned, will help with that next promotion.  If you’re thinking that taking classes may be too expensive, ask your employer if they will provide training.  When all else fails, you can even find great discounts on websites such as Groupon.  I would think 80% off an online course would be a great motivation for that next big raise!

Leaders leverage their knowledge by learning from other’s experiences.  If you don’t know or understand a concept, ask!  Seeking help is all part of learning more about a process.  The more you learn, the more effectively you’ll manage the tasks at hand.  Not to mention that the next time the issue arises, you will know the solutions and be able to solve the problem independently.  Those that initially offered help to you will value your opinions and respect you more for asking for their expertise.  My personal advice is to always engage in active listening and often restate information.  This shows you are engaged in the conversation and allows you to clarify areas of less certainty.

Leaders most often display a positive attitude towards others.  When you are positive, you act on more opportunities because you are ready to accept them.  Do you find yourself having a positive attitude for the majority of your day?

How can you maintain a positive attitude?

  • Remain in control of how you think and feel. Negativity is everywhere, but how you manage it is your choice.  Remember what you are grateful for and push away the bad thoughts when they creep in.
  • If you don’t have a reason to smile, find one! Surround yourself with objects and people that bring happiness.
  • Accept new challenges. This will build confidence and can influence your coworkers around you.
  • Always remember that you are capable and qualified for the job.

Leaders are role models, so my advice is to be a role model!  Be someone that someone else wants to be around and look up to.

role modelHow can you be a role model?

  • Show respect and concern for others. Empathy goes a very long way and shows that you are engaged in other’s issues.
  • Communicate as well as listen to others.
  • Be yourself! There is only one you.  Don’t try to be something or someone that you aren’t.
  • Be humble and admit to mistakes.
  • Encourage others to help you if you need it.
  • Perform positive roles and deeds outside of work. Volunteer!
  • Stay positive and learn from situations that may not be so ideal.

These few tips are just the beginning when it comes to the abundance of benefits you will experience from being a leader in the workplace.  Leaders are not just management or the president of the company.  They are your friends and your fellow co-workers.  They are those that make a positive difference on a daily basis and make the workplace a better environment.  If being a leader is not your biggest goal in life, then maybe you can take away the simple fact to stay positive as much as you can!  A positive person just radiates onto others.  Avoid negative people and always remember to stay confident.  You were chosen by your employer for a reason, make the most of your work day.