So How Exactly Does This work?

Many people aren't familiar with the Virtual Assistant industry, so understandably we get a lot of questions about what it means to work I have hiredwith a Virtual Assistant (VA). For many successful business professionals, it is their best kept secret. It is the reason they can go on vacation and how they get so much done all the time! Just think, what would your VA help YOU with today? How do I know my Virtual Assistant is working?

At IMPACT we use an online program called MyHours. Your Assistant will track how their time is spent working for you—down to the second! You can determine how to categorize and label these projects so they are easy to evaluate at the end of the month. IMPACT Virtual Assistants are all about efficiency, so we love providing clients with this tool to assess the work being delegated.

Are your Virtual Assistants overseas?

No. All of our IMPACT Virtual Assistants live in the United States, most in the Madison area! We like to use the term, “virtual-ish” because it is often beneficial to have your VA present at board meetings, event registration or other special projects. Most Assistants are flexible with travel and are able to support the team in person when necessary!

Is my Virtual Assistant also my employee?

No. Employees require payroll, benefits, taxes, insurance and many times, office space with equipment. Your Virtual Assistant is an Independent Contractor. They have their own office, equipment and as far as payment—it is a simple monthly invoice from IMPACT. This also allows your VA to have flexibility with hours. Rather than having a minimum number of hours in order to maintain full or part time status, your VA can support you by working more hours during your peak times.

Who are your typical clients? Our clients generally fit into three categories:

1. Solo-preneurs, successful business owners who need a highly qualified assistant, but not at full time hours. 2. Small businesses who recognize that much of their time is being spent doing administrative tasks rather than proactively growing their business. 3. Associations/professional groups that benefit greatly from a long term Administrator who handles everything from email management to event planning.

We also assist a wide range of clients with social media strategy and implementation. Realtors, business consultants, salons, we work with all types of industries!

Will I work with the same person?

Yes. You will work with the same Virtual Assistant at IMPACT. They will learn your business or organization, just as an employee would. However, we have an entire team of Administrators, Social Media Strategists, a Bookkeeper and Graphic Designer as resources for your Assistant. If you need help with a project that is outside of your VA's wheelhouse, there is a good chance someone on our team can jump in to contribute! If for any reason your VA is sick, injured or yes, we occasionally take vacations too--we have a team that can use your VA's procedures to make sure your tasks are still getting completed.

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