Small Business: Social Media Tips

As the business world jumps further and further into the virtual world of the internet, it is often forgotten that the purpose of going "on-line" is to grow and develop our businesses. Take a step back and re-evaluate your "on-line" goals and ensure you are utilizing your online presence to accomplish them.

Keep it Small It may be counter intuitive to say keep it small when talking about social media, but the reality is that if you are a small business, and you only have so much time and resources to put into social media, the key is to pick one or two things, and do it well, really well.

Being on 5-10 social media platforms and only giving them a sliver of effort is going to come through to your audience. Think about your social media channels, where you get the best responses, the best interaction, the most reach, and focus your efforts there. It is better to have a more limited reach and have that reach be impactful, then have an extended reach and have it mean nothing.

Give Something Away This does not need to mean a physical thing, a gift, a coupon, or a free service, but I can simply mean giving away knowledge. Have your contacts look to you for industry leading advice. Sometimes giving away some knowledge that your competitors would not dare give away can be a great tool for attracting prospects to you.

Engage, Take the Conversation Off-Line It is very easy to hide behind our social media avatars and accounts.

Do you often ask yourself:

  • How can I engage my prospective clients?
  • How can I take this conversation off-line?

The key to turning prospective clients into paying clients is by engaging their interests and needs and taking the online conversation off-line.

Add Pictures and Video Don't forget to include pictures and videos where applicable to social media postings, websites and blogs. The power of sight can help "speak" to your message and draw a reader’s attention.

We all have heard "a picture is worth a thousand words".

It is time to put that knowledge to the test. Integrate pictures and videos to stimulate your readers!

Check out Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube to start. Include images in your website or blog. Or even try adding photos to Facebook. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate visuals to power up your messages.

In Summary… Effectively using social media for your small business may be as simple as asking a few targeted questions of yourself, but the re-evaluation may be the difference between a social media presence that flops and one that thrives!

How do you use your online presence to meet your business goals?