Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Top 10 Things to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant handshakeWhat exactly does a Virtual Assistant do? While we find a Virtual Assistant that has the experience and background to fit your needs, below are the top 10 tasks we see most frequently from our clients. Once you start talking about Virtual Assistants, you will be surprised to find out how many people you know that work with one!

1. Creating Processes and Procedures One of the first things a virtual assistant can and should do for you is create processes and procedures for all of their tasks. These are valuable tools that many organizations and business owners don’t take the time to create for themselves. If your VA is ever sick, injured or on vacation you then have detailed processes to follow as many people forget how to complete tasks once they are off their plate. IMPACT clients have the benefit of having another VA cover the work temporarily, so again the procedures definitely come in handy so nothing skips a beat!

2. Email Management Being prompt with email responses is just a part of good business. People expect quick communication and want to know that they are heard. That’s often why so many people spend their entire day answering emails! Work with your VA to develop a system for managing your email account. When most inquiries can be taken care of before you even see them, you gain that time back to invest back into your business.

3. Database Organization Virtual Assistants are all about increasing efficiency. If you have piles of business cards and a database full of contacts with partial information, you may be missing out on business! Your VA can help organize your database and create a system for reaching out to potential clients/members and staying in communication with those you need to.

4. Event Planning Whether you have an annual conference to plan or a board meeting, your VA can help pull logistics together and plan your event. Finding someone with this background is a huge plus as every detail must be secured for a successful event. You will see better results and will be able to continue your own work rather than putting everything on hold to secure venues, speakers, create handouts, deal with catering contracts, IT support, the list goes on!

5. Marketing, E-newsletters and Social Media Your VA will learn the voice of you and your business or organization. They will create a stronger online presence through social media, blogs, articles or press releases than what you have time to do. It takes time to get the conversation started online and your VA can make the quality investment.

6. Research If there were two of you, what would you spend more time doing? It’s easy to log in hours doing research on anything from business trends to your competition. Let your VA do the research and bring you the results.

7. Bookkeeping This is a great task to handover to a trusted VA. It’s easy to put this off or do it in a rush but having detailed accounts of your invoicing and spending is incredibly important. Especially if this is not where your interests are, outsourcing is a great option. If you work with a virtual firm like IMPACT, we have a bookkeeper on staff to support clients with such tasks.

8. Website Maintenance Keeping an updated website is a sign of success. Don’t send your potential clients the wrong message with an outdated site lacking current information. Having your VA post images from a recent event and keep dates and notices up to date should be on the top of the list. Your website is often the first impression to someone, make sure it is active and reflects the work you are doing.

9. Travel arrangements Are you noticing a theme here? Your VA specializes in support you and your business or organization. By taking the time to research travel arrangements, they can find the best deals and handle all of the details for you. You’ll be less stressed, more prepared and on your way there before you know it!

10. Special Projects Things come up! Offers to present or speak in the community, interviews with a local newspaper, contracts that need updating, thank you notes to be written, applications to fill out, and the need to brainstorm with someone! Having a virtual assistant is often a successful executive’s best kept secret or an organizations lifeline!