What to do Instead of Selling your Association

Your online presence is most likely your Associations first impression to a potential member. People often come out of the gate strong with a pitch as to why someone should join their Organization. Another common strategy is a simple introduction to your group. Probably the same introduction that has been used for the last number years.  Try to resist this approach and instead, tell your story!

This is much more personal and will instantly create a connection with the reader. Also, bonus--there are so many stories to tell within your Organization that you'll no longer struggle to find content worth sharing: 

-How and why was your organization born?

-Who is your leadership and what are their stories?

-What are the stories behind those you support and give back to?

-Who rejoined your organization and why?

Your values and mission will shine through in all these stories. Highlight them on social media, blog, e-newsletter and in all your member communication. Evoking an emotional response through story telling will likely make your appeal more successful and will certainly make it more memorable!