Making your Office a Home Away from Home


Here at Impact Services, we put a lot of thought into how to make our office space somewhere that is both functional and comfortable. Here are a few ways we balance the two.

1.       Color. Bright green walls and a chalk board wall surround us while we work. This creates energy and creativity in the office, inspiring work and bringing the energy in the office up. Stark white walls and florescent lights can dampen anyone`s day. Brightening up the walls is a great way to brighten up the moods.

2.       Functionality. We have arranged our desks in a way that everyone in the office can see each other while they work. This is a way to create easier communication between employees and motivate one another. When you see others hard at work, it is hard to feel lazy or fall into a slump. This method of organization also lowers the amount of distraction. When your desk is turned away from others, you are constantly wanting to turn around to check out what is happening around you. While facing the room, you can keep up with your surroundings while continuing your work.

3.       Personal touches. It is important to feel comfortable in your office. It will increase productivity and reduce stress levels. By displaying personal photos in the office, employees feel more at home and it creates a sense of belonging. This feeling translates into happier employees and a more productive work environment.