If you ask, be prepared to give!

Many of us live in a world of referrals, favors and asks. Asking in the name of your business is often more codonate todaymfortable because you are (and should be!) confident in what you are providing. On that note, referrals should always, always be given honestly and confidently. Even if you owe someone a favor, or they recommended you, please don't pass along a faulty referral, yeesh! But what about asking in the name of a personal charity you support? Is it okay to utilize your professional network for such purposes?

As a team, it was a great experience to participate in the Man & Woman of the Year Campaign, hosted by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. At times it pushed the boundaries, and we all found ourselves wondering if we were asking too much. How many emails were too many, were contacts getting bombarded by our posts, and was it okay to contact clients? In the end we decided that we had committed to this campaign and we were going to simply-- go for it!

With so many deserving non-profit organizations and social services that are absolutely necessary in our community, we wanted to lean into discomfort and push the boundaries in order to raise as much as possible for LLS. In the end we knew it was us, our names, that would be responsible for returning those favors and donations, and that was just fine. If you ask, be prepared to give back!

It is our hope that our clients, colleagues, employees, our entire network, chose to see the positive aspect of our requests. Participating in this definitely changed my perspective on viewing other campaigns out there. Rather than noticing, "Wow, another post asking for donations?" I can now truly respect their commitment. And for all those who supported us, I am prepared to give back! Maybe not all at once...but my deepest respect and gratitude goes out to anyone dedicating their time, resources and connections for the greater good. As long as requests are respectful and genuine, my vote is to keep asking and keep supporting!