Happy Birthday, Rosie!

Is your organization using social media to its fullest potential? It takes time, which is a limited resource, but we do think it is a good investment in the longevity and success of your non-profit. Think of social media as a valuable tool that has the potential to connect the stories you see every day with the people you have yet to connect with. They are out there and social media has made it incredibly easy for them to like, follow and yes, even donate, to your organization. Wait! Before you ask, we have some simple advice that will make the biggest impact on your campaign.

First, identify the need of your organization and be specific! Second, set a goal that will be challenging yet achievable. Especially in the beginning, supporters want to join something that will succeed. Third, make it time sensitive. Creating that sense of urgency will tell your supporters that NOW is the time to donate. What is the best way to do all of this? Tell a story.

Let’s use the example of running dangerously low on supplies for an underprivileged after school reading program: Rosie will be 8 years old next month, and until she began attending “After school Alliance,” she was responsible for her two younger siblings until her mother got home from work at 7pm every day. Once Rosie and her sisters got matched up with After school Alliance, an incredible shift began to happen. Not only was Rosie experiencing less stress, but she was becoming more engaged every day. It wasn’t long before Rosie was the one doing the reading, quickly becoming the favorite reader among our youngest students.

When asked what Rosie would like for her birthday she quickly responded, “More books!” And so, we would like to celebrate Rosie’s 8th birthday with a new collection of children’s books at After school Alliance.

Reading for Rosie Our Goal? Collect 250 children books before Rosie’s birthday on February 24th!

We Need New or gently used children’s books. We accept any theme or style, they can be interactive or not. Check out a list of the students’ favorite books on our website!

Donate Please drop off your donation at our 3rd St. location or you can donate online at www.example.com. Don’t forget, we want as many books as possible before February 24th!

What This Means Your donation will not only make Rosie’s birthday brighter, it will enrich the lives of the 17-25 children we see every day. Reading provides more than improved literacy, it creates a moment of bonding and interaction between two people. Whether that is with a mentor or another child, our students become happier and more engaged when they relate to others.

Please Share We ask that you please share Reading for Rosie with your network. It is only with your help that we will be able to make Rosie’s birthday wish come true. Create an event page on Facebook and find an engaging imagery to pair it with. Invite everyone you know and build the excitement! People will join you when they have clear direction about the need, the deadline, and how to help. Keep your donors updated on the progress and don’t forget to share your success story after the campaign is over. Our final tip? Please remember to sprinkle in stories, images and successes among the asks, it’s all about balance!